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Force Recon Kit Discussion

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Shadownova thanks a lot for sharing... dam cool pics... one question on the group and scout/sniper pics, what kind of caps are they using? is it multicam?



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Some people had unit caps (tan/khaki) while some people bought multicam caps, there were quite a few of those. A combination of both really.


Most the M4s in that platoon were older model, so they had older stocks on them. MFR uses both optics or whatever optic is appropriate for the mission. For direct action you might want quick target acquisition, so you'd want the EOTECH. For patrolling and recon where you want everybody to see (and engage threats) as far away as possible, an ACOG can be handy. Everyone in the unit (myself included) was issued an EOTECH 552 and an ACOG.


As far as rifle mods go, the easiest and most common is changing out the stock. Some people who wanted to spend the money bought magpul stocks and so forth. Rail panels were cheap and easy to replace. Grips took a little more work, since it involves changing out a component of the rifle. It can be done without an armorer as long as you know what you're doing and don't lose the little detent spring.


Command really authorizes only small changes. They don't want you changing upper receivers, barrels, bolts, or major components of the rifle.


I didn't really notice anybody with PMAGs, but I'm guessing they'd be fine.


Just remember, people are cheap. I didn't spend any money (aside from a single-point sling adapter) on my rifle and I was okay with it.

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You aren't supposed to take apart the weapon at all really. But it's a m4, and some Marines own m4's which leads them to want to customize their issued m4. I'm sure a Marine has taken it apart on his own, but then again you have to realize this. What's the point of going threw all the work of taking all this stuff apart, you could just buy one that clamps on with a screw.


Most Marines aren't all up on the gucci kit and stuff like that to add to a service rifle.

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Most Marines in my unit, if they have to, just buy the type that clamps on to the buffer tube. I bought one that required the buffer tube to be removed for installation. I was friends with the company armorer and he did it for me in like 2 minutes. He showed me how to properly disassemble the rifle (before I took any classes or courses later on) and showed me how to correctly do other types of mod stuff. I didn't try any of it though since I didn't own a rifle at the time.

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Status 10.10.2009


MEU MFR "Breacher" Loadout












First Line:


Danner Acardia Desert Boots

Bijan Kneepads in cb/blk with krylon

Hatch gloves

Neck Gaitor in od

MICH rep. with MSA Chinstrap, NVG Mount + Strap


Secon Line:

AAV replika with

3 x SDS CQC M4 mag-pouch

Aites Claymore / Demolition pouch (inside w. Inova microlight red and BE-X Microlight white)

BHI Hydro Carrier 3l.

SDS Riflemans medic pouch

Shotgun shells


Cyalume Lightsticks on Paracord

G&P Remington M870 Shotgun


BHI Duty Belt with

BHI triple pistolmag-pouch w. Kydex

BHI double pistolmag-pouch w. Flap

SDS sustainment pouch

LBT small utility pouch

Carabiner with Rappeling /G.I. Heavy Duty Gloves

Safariland with KSC G17 (should be MEU1911, I know, but I dont care)


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That claymore pouch looks like it would get in your way, does it?

Anyway, awesome kit.

I was surprised that it does not disrupt in any way.

And no matter what... you can put a lot of stuff in it (camera, BB's, abbey gas, loading tools, food, pen and paper)


RIXX, that loadout is AWESOME. You're making me want to start a new loadout! :D

good thing

the economy needs fresh money ^^



thanks for all the positiv words

this loadout with desert marpat will follow

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good thing

the economy needs fresh money ^^


Haha, the economy has more than enough of my money already. Now it's my own wallet that will get the money (I hope). :D


Got this in today from vegas vixin









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Nice acquisition tomster! I love my admin w/ fleshlight pouch. ^_^


Wow, they really think of everything don't they?


Not the kind of item I can see being used in the field too often, but you never know......


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The admin is the commercially available version, not the issued version though. But thanks anyway!


And yeah still loling at Pistol Dude. :lol:

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Ok, final check on parts for accuracy before I start buying:


-Regular M4 w/ RAS (not sure if they use RIS or RAS but this is the one thing I don't consider a big deal)

-SOPMOD Stock (not an issed item, as far as I know, but could be purchased privatley)

-CQD Sling Mounts, Front and Rear (again not issued but could be purchased privatley, right?)(BTW these mounts are personal prefrence, I know a Marine would most likely buy the bolt on type)

-KAC 300m Rear Sight (Question about this; I know it is in use becasue of this pic: http://i42.tinypic.com/2im9umd.jpg [third guy in appears to have one]. Anyway, would this be issued or purchased privatley?)


That should be all for now; accessories will come later when I get more "fun cash" :lol:. Just FYI, the reason I am so anal about getting this right is becasue, A, I'm a perfectionist :rolleyes:, and B, I'm a huge supporter of the USMC (my Grandfather served), so I want to make sure my gun accuratley represents a gun that could be used by a Marine.


Thanks, OGGY



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We were issued these back-up sights




and my rifle came with this already installed




as well as this




and an ambi-dex firing selector, model/type unknown to me


incase anyone was wondering this was for an M4A1 (not M4)


edit: also with an LE-type stock


edit: and this, sorry http://www.surefire.com/M910A-Vertical-Foregrip


But really sometimes the surefire/grip was not suitable, so I used this surefire that was also issued to me in combination with the regular KAC vert-grip, a grip-pod, or an airsoft vertical grip (which broke).




I was also issued an EOTECH 552 and an ACOG (the one everyone gets issued). When I was first issued my rifle it didn't have a bottom rail, so to make up for it I was issued an M203. So I had an M203 (standard length) and the KAC rail-leaf sight as well. Then I got my bottom rail later on (scrounged for it) and was finally able to use all my other accessories (surefires, grips).


For laser I had a PEQ-2


Yup that just about covers it, for slings we had the one that comes issued with the FSBE kit. And to protect the barrel we had a little plastic slip-on barrel cap.

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