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Yeah as Skeezo says that guy is an EOD, even that looks like MARSOC is using EBRs, you can see a photo of a guy with a Mich 2001 using it.


My latest acquisition:





Eagle Industries FSBE 2 MC CIRAS (Land) :D :D


Now lets see how to mount it xD.

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So does this mean that you are going to sell your RRV for dirt cheap (to me)? :P It would be a perfect situation, sell me the RRV and put the pouches on the CIRAS :D


When you said "to me" you were refering to me right? Because that's what makes sense yaknow.


Nice looking CIRAS Countfloyd, can't wait to see it setup.

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Thanks for the comments ppl hahahaha sorry Crackisbad but I will continue using my RRV , no doubt I prefer this one instead of CIRAS.It will be my vest for greenside ops and the majority of skirmishes.

This is the actual setup , not the final:








EI FSBE2 Double Frag Grenade pouch

EI FSBE 2 Double M4 pouch

EI FSBE 2 Single M4 pouch x2

EI FSBE 2 Single .45 FB pouch x4

EI Qanteen pouch

EI MBITR pouch

Aites IFAK pouch


Hope you like it guys.

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Thanks for the comments guys!!! as I said is not the final setup.


Is there a canteen in the pouch? Just curious cause the straps loop out of the flap to better accommodate them.


Yes Agent Hunk , I forgot to flap it! but it also works well without flapping it.


@Tomster:now that is a *fruitcage* awesome collection!!! Top notch man If you want to sell some pouches pm me haha (specially that MBITR).No words for them!!


@Pistol_Dude:Yes you are right actually MSOB is using MARCIRAS , but Force Recon were only issued to the MC CIRAS.


Regards people

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That is some sexy kit tomster! God I want an RRV so bad now! Damn you all!


Just picked up a load of CB gear (pouches, belt, etc) so I am pretty much good to go. All I want to get now is a triple M4 pouch that holds 9 mags for my MBSS; I love the vest but the lack of real estate is annoying. I finally picked up a molle belt (after MT made fun of my old belt :( ), so maybe now I can move some pouches onto the belt.


Out of curiosity: what do people put in their frag grenade pouches? Radios?

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WTF Tomster, you are one sick USMC Coyote Brown luvaahh. :D

So you're one of them sickos who paid US$600 for a little piece of cordura with some plastic buckles, also called drop leg panel.

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