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Here are some pics from last year, this is a platoon (not mine) from my company. Faces and anything ID'ing is blocked out. All pics taken in the field. We get a lot of Recon Batt. pics and FSBE pics, but this is actual Bulk Fuel.



















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Thanks for the pics! Did all the M4's have CAR stocks? It just seems strange that they aren't LE's.

What kind of optics does FR issue? Most pics out there show 552's or 553's but everyone in these pics had an ACOG. Is each operator issued both?

What is the deal with the PMAG? Are individual operators allowed to buy them if they please? Speaking of individual purchases, what can an operator buy? Stocks, rail panels, pistol grips? What kind of stuff have you seen guys with?


Sorry for all the questions... :blush:


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