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AGM M21/M14


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Can you valuate this please:


Its the AGM M14 fitted with:


Tokyo Marui barrel

Tokyo Marui hop rubber

Element H Nub

SystemA cylinder

Guarder cylinder head

Guarder nozzel

Guarder tappet plate

Guarder bearing spring guide

Tokyo Marui piston and none vented bearing piston head

XYT steel gears

Guarder SP120 spring


Brass bipod stud (CUSTOM made)

Troy silencer

Guarder cheek rest

3 point tactical sling

Scope and laser

new front sight block

custom aluminium outer barrel (slightly longer than standard)

King Arms 7mm bearings

6mm to 7mm bearing conversion and fitment by engineering company

New custom hop adjuster as the previous broke

Custom paint job

Has been converted to Semi only

Has a guarder cut off lever fitted

Active braking mosfet (custom Madmercsairsoft mosfet origional proto-type)

Deans fitted

Vapex large battery supplied (fitted with deans)


comes with 5 high caps






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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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