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Advice on next steps

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I will not name names here in the interest of decency, but here is my situation:


In April, I pre-ordered a WE M4, the new V3 from this person's site. At the end of May, we, the pre-orderers were told that this person would be leaving the country until August, and the shipment, which had been seized at customs was going to be released any day now, and handled by a partner site. I kept the faith, despite my doubts.


Sure enough, the owner disappeared for months, Returning in late August, only to inform us that the shipment had NOT been released from customs, and that he was offering refunds. It had been 4 months since my original order. I immediately put in for a refund.


None came. I got an email 5 weeks ago, informing me that he did not have the money "yet", and would not be able to reimburse me right away. I waited a month, and emailed him last week. He has not been on arnies or and gas gun boards since late September. He is not responding to emails. I tried to email blowbackarmory.net's staff, as they supposedly work with this person, but it has been almost a week since I sent the email, so I highly doubt anything is coming. "We will talk to him for you" would have sufficed, but nothing's come in.


We have just drifted into the 6th full month since I made my order. I want my goddam money back. I don't care if he has to take a loan out on his house, I want the money. I paid in full up front, I kept the faith, and I have been more than civil enough, considering the situation. I have the phone number attached to his paypal, it is in Cali, and I have general knowledge of his name... but dont know next steps.


I wanted to know if anyone could suggest steps to take next... I'm a little bit lost here, and just wondering if anyone could lend a hand.


I have no qualms about revealing the person's store name, forum name(s), and the name attached to the paypal if it will get me what I want, or if you all ask for it. I am entitled to my refund, and my civility has really just worn down. The only reason I have stayed so understanding is because it would take next to no effort for this person to just never mail my refund, but with each passing day it becomes more likely that that is what has happened anyways, and I'm tired of it.


I would not come here in such a public manner without having felt I exhausted every other path available to me, so I apologize for dumping this on you all.




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Okay, in no particular order...


Firstly, if you want to use Arnies to discuss this it might be nice if you actually named the person/organisation in question so that other people here don't suffer the same problems.

Added to that, people can offer different advice depending on who the seller is. Maybe somebody knows the seller personally or can contact them etc.


Secondly, How'd you pay?

If you paid by credit card contact them and get a refund on your card.

If you didn't pay using a credit card this'll be a great lesson for you as to why you should next time.


Lastly, I'm gonna move this to the "problems with sales" section.


Best of luck and, if you haven't already, get yourself a goddamned credit card.

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Alrighty, I hope naming names doesn't bit me in the *albatross*, but here goes:


The store is Horizon Tactical. Jeff, the owner, his shipment was seized by the ATF at customs. He is having a liquidation sale on this site and others in order to get money back for the pre-order people. At Order #25, and I assume one of the first pre-orders, I have yet to see any money from the whole deal.


Now yes, he did offer me parts, but what can I do with parts and mags to a gun I don't own?


Supposedly, Jeff is very prompt in filling orders, but this only leaves me wondering why he isn't being prompt in answering a weeks-old email.


I paid via paypal, Ironically as a just-in-case that I could cancel the order if something like this happened. It was only too late that I realized the order had drifted beyond paypal's return policy. Needless to say, I hate paypal, too. As you say, lesson learned.


The irony of this whole thing is that this might discourage people to buy parts from Jeff's liquidation sale, the money that would have gone to me. I obviously don't know Jeff personally, nor his "day job", but I know that as many months to have gone by, liquidation sale or no, should be enough to get together some cash to pay back people who put their support and trust in him in the first place.

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