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Hi all,


Considering selling my STAR L85 as I just dont use it enough.


The L85 has got some small rust patches on it and a few scratches. Internally it has a brand new hop unit, TM M16 barrel, Systema hop rubber and an upgraded air nozzle. Firing at 340 FPS. Made a custom battery just like the one you can get specifically for the L85 front grip. Upgraded with Deans connectors, 16 gauge wiring and AB mosfet.

Also comes with SUSAT, now this is where im stuck for the price really. When I brought the gun I was told it was a genuine SUSAT. But i've never had a STAR SUSAT to compare it with to make sure... It's got a radiation sticker on the front right but the recticle doesnt show in the dark. Could be an old RS sight as the gas only last a few years, so I was told. How can I tell if its a real one?

Also has a set of RS iron sights to go with it. Will come with a couple of RG 130rnd midcap mags aswell.


Any Ideas on a price?


Many thanks



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A genuine SUSAT from United Scientific Instruments would set you back over 700 quid + VAT.


The genuine's dovetail mount is slightly wider than the Star's. so not going to fit snuggly. Fits well onto a G&G though.


You can quite easily tell the difference between a toy and the real McCoy anyway. Take out the Trilux to have a look.


A new Star/ARES SA80 is around USD240 +P&P. So, used ones aren't worth much anymore.

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