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Pantac Molle FLC Full Set (CB) Preview Review

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So I was given a review sample of the Pantac Molle FLC Full Set in Coyote Brown to review. I had originally heard of the vest being produced by Pantac a month or two back but was sceptical. I wasn't sure why Pantac choose to make a vest that is so easily acquired. Turns out it is because they were releasing an entire kit. When I received the kit I was quite surprised. First here is a list of the items included in the kit.


The kit is a replica of items produced for the United States Army by www.specialtydefense.com

1x M/A Fighting Load Carrier Load Bearing Vest w/Front Zipper (FLC)

2x M/A 5.56 Triple Magazine Pocket 30 Round Direct Action (holds 3 m16 magazines)

3x M/A 5.56 Double Magazine Pocket 30 Round Close Quarter Battle (holds 1 m16 magazine)

2x M/A 1 Quart Canteen/Utility Pocket

2x M/A 100 Round Ammo/General Purpose Pocket

2x M/A Hand Grenade Pocket (holds 1 grenade)

1x M/A Canister Pocket Smoke/Flash (holds 1 smoke or flash grenade)

1x Bandoleer 5.56-6 Magazines (holds 6 m16 magazines)

1x Butt Pack with additional strap to wear as a belt

1x SDS Military Hydration System

1x M/A Assault Pack Large



The materials and stitching are all high quality stuff like you have come to expect from Pantac. The material is 1000D Cordura, UTX snaps, ITW Nexus buckles and high quality mesh.


The Vest

The front of the vest has 8 rows of molle webbing but due to the cut of the vest it would be annoying to say how many columns so I will let the pictures speak for themselves. The top front of the vest has two fabric loops one on each side. These would be good to attach a one point sling to and the right hand side has plastic d ring just under the loop. The upper 5 rows of molle on the vest are attached to mesh to aid in breathability and reduce weight. The fourth row of molle down from the top is the chest buckle for when you are running the vest without using the zipper. The lower three rows of molle are attached to 1000D Cordura.


The waist belt is adjustable due to an interesting attachment method and can be sized from really small to very large. There is a T made of webbing that is pulled out from two rows of webbing. The waist belt is also nicely padded albeit a bit stiff but will soften up in time. I found the buckle at the bottom of the zipper area to be attached oddly and made it hard to zip up if attached. I removed the buckle to make it less bulky. This buckle is also used for attaching the vest without the zipper. The back is four straps of webbing and a buddy handle at the top.


Inside the vest there are two stash pockets for maps and other small items. The vest is an exceedingly simple vest so there isn't a whole lot more.

The Pack

The Assault Pack Large is a similar size to most other three day assault packs. The front of the pack has one row of 5 columns of molle webbing. There is also a very large square pouch at the front that is almost 4 inches deep. The main body of the pouch is closed by a zipper and has two buckled cinch straps to help compress things down. Inside the pouch there is a large Velcro pocket capable of holding documents and other small non bulky items. There are also two male UTX metal snaps on the inside of the pouch capable of attaching the bandoleer to. On the outside of the pouch is another Velcro enclosed pouch. It is similar sized to the one on the inside but has a zippered organizer and pen holders in it. The large inner pouch has a single drainage grommet at the bottom. On the sides there are three rows of two columns of molle webbing and two compression straps. At the top there is a carry handle and two hydration or communication routing holes. The back part of the bag has a large insert area for padding. There is also a clear plastic slot for putting your name in at the lower section of the back. The shoulder straps are one of the only faults I have with the bag. The straps are two close together and I find they cut into my neck. If you're a large necked person you might not have an issue with this. There standard straps otherwise and have quick detach points at the bottom.


Inside the main pouch near the front there is an enormous mesh zippered pouch. At the back is a padding sleeve filled with a centimeter thick piece of foam and a large plastic sheet to add stability.


The Hydration Carrier


The hydration carrier is a fairly standard piece. It has a large screw off black cap on the outside for filling. There are three rows of five columns of molle at the bottom of the carrier. At the very bottom is a single drainage grommet. At the top of the carrier there is a carry handle made of regular webbing. There is also a carry handle just under the filler cap.


At the rear of the bag there is a slot to remove the hydration bladder through however I have not tested this yet for fear of breaking something. The nozzle on the bladder is the same one Pantac has been using ever since they were called Phantom.




The pouches aren't anything really all that fancy there just the normal way a pouch looks. They are all built well and will serve their purpose fine.


I have been overly busy with the army and am currently unavailable to take more detailed shots. When I become less buys I will take my normal detail shots.


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looks pretty good. a while back i was looking for one of these kits, i never bought one though. (got a phantom ciras instead). how much did that set cost you, cause on ebay from a US army surplus shop you can find the US gov't issue molle II FLC in m81 woodland camo with pouch set for just 49.95 USD shipping worldwide.

here is the link:


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The kit is a replica of items produced for the United States Army by www.specialtydefense.com


Your review pics show a brown version of the FLC.

So, if this is supposed to be a replica, it would be a replica of the US Marine Corps' FLC. The Army's is in Universal Camo Pattern.

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Your review pics show a brown version of the FLC.

So, if this is supposed to be a replica, it would be a replica of the US Marine Corps' FLC. The Army's is in Universal Camo Pattern.



I got it as a review set so I dont know how much it cost. It will be released in ACU and CB


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Do the marines no use the Super FLC? Sadly I dont know much about American Kit. I mainly talk about the features of vests and what I dislike and like. Now if were talking Canadian kit I can speak for days on how sub par most of our stuff is :P

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