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Since im overwise flatterned by swine flu, i might as well do a spot of pointless chairsofting.

i got this gun about 4 years ago as a gift, it was my first introduction to airsoft, but i havent actually used it in a game yet. and for good reason! its in the electric pistols section because it only runs at 200fps and you can get outranged by anyone who can projectile vomit.



this little package set the original buyer back £20 i beleve, its a definate low grade AEG, it was picked up in person from a store at the military odysey. im not sure if that makes it more or less expensive than normal.


External Quality

you get what you pay for, the usual two sheets of plastic fitted together by numorous screws, like a supersoaker really; its not exactly the type of AEG thats designed to strip in anything resembling the real steel. the externals are plastic. the folding stock is a joke, its best kept folded; as having it out will only invite it to be broken.

the finish is actually quite good, although it can never wear like the real steel, at first glance it can be mistaked for a brand new stamped gun. pity at the back of the reciever there are whopping great big boxes on each side of the gun. on the right side the box contains: 'WELL D-91, CAL 6mmBB, Energy <0.5 joule' on the left side it says 'D-91, WELL, ELECTRIC AIRPISTOL'.

Its very lightwieght, its not worth wieghing; you could carry 50 of these.



I cant get my head around Wells 'brillient idea' of having the battery in the magasine, and having the ammo in a gravity fed hopper in the top. as a result, saying that this gun misfires a lot is a severe understatement. The only way to get the odd bb out the spout is to slightly angle the gun upwards, and even then you have to adjust the gun very carefully to get the optimum angle. This means that if your opponant is prone, your stuffed. The hopper is accessed by 'cocking' the action. The range is about 15m on average, i think ive seen the odd bb reach 20m. The accuracy is laughable, but your not shooting far enough to care. If i used this gun in a game, i would need to get within 20m of my target, hold the trigger down, and wait until they shoot you. incidently i intend to use it at an upcoming night game, and if i somehow suppress it, i might survive long enough for it to actually shoot in anger.

Oh almost forgot, if you actually want to shoot, the motor sort of starts smoking...

Using .2s is a waste of time, .12s will do, but you have even less range. all my recent tests have been using .2.



the gearbox looks like somthing out of a budget electric R/C car; contained in a clear plastic box, you can see all the plastic gears and piston. the barrel appears to be alluminium. According to the 'HOP UP' sticker on the box, this barrel must have a primitive and perminantly fixed Hop. Although it cant be set all that well; the bb's drop like a P47 fighter in a stall. There is a huge amount of empty space in the plastic casing. the gearbox is just a box at the back of the gun, with the barrel extending past the magasine and trigger system all the way to the front.

The trigger system broke rather quickly, and i couldnt be asked to cast a replacement trigger out of aluminium. it consists of a trigger attached to a slider which literally operates a electric switch. it relys on a tensile spring to return the slider to its non firing position. This often got jammed, and i found myself stuck on full auto until i pulled the battery out. Ive since replaced the now broken trigger complex with a basic microswitch.

The battery is easily extracted from the fake magasine, it displays no markings, but sure runs out quickly.

The charger is diabolically bad.


Extra bits

The gun came with a solid plastic rod for unjamming the gun, a sling, a packet of sample bb's, charger, battery, and a manual for a different gun.


The only thing i think is good about this gun is the fact that it is a UZI. which means its beside the Ak's in the Halls of Vassilys favorites. if you want something that looks like a UZI and you dont intend to skirmish, then this is your gun. im considering either using the gearbox and barrel for some doomed SMG prodject or something. the actual shell is probably able to have different internals fitted, you might need to attack it with a modelling knife and file first.


Ill Update after the night game (october 31st), with some pics of the gun.

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damn cant edit;


"Using .2s is a waste of time, .12s will do, but you have even less range. all my recent tests have been using .2."

that makes no sense. basically .2s are a waste of money, since the cheaper .12s will do. but on reconsidering by the time your battery runs out you would have only fired a fraction of the number compared to a AEP that actually shoots when you hope it will...

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