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Airsoft News Forum ~ View Last Post Link on Forum Index

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Frequently when I'm viewing the "AirsoftNews" Subforum on here, I occasionally prefer to view the forum according to last post rather than the default setting of Thread Creation order when I know there's no new threads that peak my interest. I know once you navigate to the Airsoft News Subforum, there's a link at the top that says "click here to view by last post". I also realize there's a sort order option at the bottom of the AirsoftNews Subforum that you can set to remember how you want the news sorted. The thing is, I don't always want to view the News Section one way or the other which is why I like the availability of the link at the top of the Airsoft New Subforum.


I guess what I'm asking is, would it be possible to add a "Recent Posts" or "View by last posts" link underneath the AirsoftNews listing in the main forum index, so that a member can choose prior to entering the AirsoftNews Subforum whether they want to view by Thread Creation Order or Most Recent Posts Order? Like in the picture below?:




Thanks for your consideration.

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Uhhh, no its not. For one thing USMC can't install plugins to the forum, for another, that is almost completely unrelated to what he's suggesting.


I know, either Marlowe or Arnie would have to install it.


It seems pretty much what he's suggesting though, rather than simply viewing all the latest posts across the entire forum, he can select the news forum and view all the latest posts in there.


//Edit: Either that or I've got to stop posting at midnight. ;)

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