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What should I do ?

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Hi, I live in Romania, where airsoft is legal.

I ordered 1500$ worth items from ehobbyasia, payed w/ paypal on 7 oct.

Even if when I ordered all items were on stock, I recived an email from ehobby witch stated that some items are missing and that I must wait.

I waited 4-5 days after I contacted ehobby and told them to send me what they already have because I must attend to an airsoft event. (just 2 items were missing and not very important).


I recived an EMS tracking number and I was very happy.

The items were sent on 12 oct. On HK post the tracking number stated that the items left HK with the destination Romania.

Never entered Romanian Post .. I waited another week .. and nothing. Contacted ehb , they told me : " we contacted HK post and filled a form, minim 3 weeks for a response ".


Ok, thursday I recived a call from my delivery addres ( at job , where I work ). " hey , you have a package here from DHL, it looks like it was sent from Germany ".

I rushed there and checked the package, made photos as I opened it because I had a bad feeling, It came from "belastingdienst douane" , holland.

No replicas inside , should be 1 rifle + 2 pistols .. nothing, just batteries, chargers, holster and other textile *suitcase*.


At close inspection was clear for me what made that parcel to go to Holland.

When I payed trough paypal , I clearly asked seller (ehobby) to put delivery addres as in paypal account.

witch is " xxxxxxxxx....xxxxxxx...xxxxxxx... Timisoara, Romania , phone : +40730118xxx".

I dont know how incapable a packing/delivery guy must be to wrote the addres like this :


xxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxx xxxx

Timisoara, Romania

1188 113


sorry but a fraking zip code from Holand?!?!?! why the heck he killed my phonenumber like that?!

how much bad luck i have.. Holand ... where airsoft is forbidden..?!

As i told, everything else is ok in the package but no replicas.

I have photos to everything from beginning ... tracking numbers both from EMS and DHL .

The customs from Holland checked my package as they were thinking the package was for holland.

They observed the addres and sent it to me by DHL at their cost.


I dont know UE legislation to know if they were entitled to check my package or not. I already completed a complain form to the belastingdienst douane, but very low chances to 0 since they have orders to destroy guns...


What should I do now ?

> contact ehobby, tell problem. (i will do this anyway).

> dispute on paypal

> card chargeback.


I'm messed and is hard for me to wait months until i get my goods back or my money.

Sorry for my english.

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Paypal won't want to know because they are guns and you can't buy guns with paypal as it is against their terms and conditions.

ehobby might help if you can prove they sent it to the wrong zip code. Did the postage label actually say the post code for holland?

You may have some success with Dutch customs as the package was destined for Romania, but i doubt it.

The only hope is that you can claim against any item insurance you may have on your credit card if used.

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What should I do now ?

> contact ehobby, tell problem. (i will do this anyway).

> dispute on paypal

> card chargeback.

Oh man, it's so sad what happened to you...


In your place I would try many paths at once:


0) Let ehobby know that due to their mistake (using truncated phone number as zip code) shipping was lost and you ask them to resend it.


1) try contacting Dutch Customs as soon as possible, and explain them your problem. Tell them that you do not understand why package to Romania was inspected in the Netherlands and some items were confiscated (do not mention zip code hypothesis). Even that is unlikely that they still have your items, you might be lucky. Do not quarrel with them, be nice - they are more likely to help in that way. Ask them "what should I do to get my package back". I don't know if you have an option to call NL cheaply by phone - personal contact would be probably better as you can react to their talk in real time.


2) check you card company if there is a time limit and any other requirements to make chargeback. If they ask, do not start chargeback but tell them you are still trying to work with merchant to see if they would recover. When you know procedure in advance, you do not risk being late one day when you decide to actually use chargeback.



I do not think you should use Paypal dispute. First of all they will say it was "gun" and they will refuse to help. Even if they agree to continue, they will probably say that shipment was received and signed by you, so everything is ok for them. And so on...



To be honest I do not 100% understand how shipping into EU works exactly. On one hand it is the point of entry into EU that performs checks and charges you taxes. If you import airsoft to Germany, and then move it to Romania, you would fall under German import law and pay German taxes. On the other hand it is actual destination country that performe checks, so if package arrives to Romania via Frankfurt, it would be Romanian law and taxes to pay. Some people try to save money that way, first importing things into country with lower VAT, then moving it inside EU to destination country.

In practice I see that even if my packages arrive via London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt, they only enter Customs in Poland (destination country).


I believe that you are correct about zip code confusion - due to ZIP pointing to Netherlands, package has been directed to import procedures there. Only later someone acted smartly on correct address and shipped it to you. I do not know if there is a customs procedure to redirect package to other country for import in such case.

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I explained the situation to Ehobby, and they dont even read my email carefully.

I got a messed reply with confusion between EMS and DHL..

Going to paypal dispute but I try to not mention guns. I will use replica instead.

and I will fill bank chargeback today.


I will not accept to loose hard worked money like this.

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What types of firearms related items does PayPal prohibit?


Question :

Answer :

PayPal prohibits all account holders from buying or selling any type of firearm and certain firearm parts and ammunition.


Firearms – Include all rifles, shotguns, and handguns, whether they are intended for use in sporting, as collectibles, or as curio and relic firearms. These items are prohibited regardless of their present working order.


Firearm parts - Include, but are not limited to, receivers and frames, silencers, kits designed to convert a firearm to automatic firing capability, high capacity magazines, multi-burst trigger activators, and camouflaging firearm containers.


Ammunition - Includes ammunition with propellant, such as gunpowder or blank ammunition. Ammunition is defined as ammunition or cartridge cases, primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for any firearm.


Stun guns - For U.S. residents, PayPal allows transactions for stun guns only if the transaction is permitted by law in both the buyer's and seller's jurisdictions. U.S. sellers must ensure that each transaction is legal in both locations before completing the sale. Transactions for stun guns involving account holders outside the U.S. are prohibited.


Other Related Items – PayPal allows transactions for paintball guns, blank guns, and air-soft guns as permitted by law in the applicable jurisdiction. These items must display all markings required by law, must not be convertible to shoot a lethal projectile, and must not include blank ammunition.

so paypal permits airsoft gun transactions...


I will go from dispute to claim now.. since ehobby lied to me badly.

I dont know email disclosure policy of this forum or UK's .. so I keep those lies for me & paypal & bank at this moment.

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