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Pantac Personal Retention Lanyard (CB)

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Pantac Personal Retention Lanyard


Caution: This device is made to complete a look and is not intended or certified to be used as a load bearing cable.


With that warning on to the review. This will be a small one because there aren't exactly a ton of features to something like this. The intended purpose of the real one is to provide a method to attach yourself to a solid structure in case you are worried about losing your footing.


The lanyard itself unstretched is roughly 30 inches long and extends by about 5 inches when extended. The coil is made of 1000D nylon with a bungee cord on the inside of the tube. The stitching is good and strong and despite my warning I did test its ability to hold my large self off the ground. We attached it to a chin-up bar and I hung my entire weight off the ground using only the bar. I bounced several times to see if I could get anything to break and it didn't happen. We also tried to release it under tension to see if it could fail that way. The key ring started to bend but it would not release.


The metal quick release catch is actually pretty cool. It can be closed with one hand because the retaining bar is rounded at the top. This also stops it from getting partially latched and having it fail under stress. There are no casting lines on the catch to wear on your gear. The release latch is opened by tugging on the yellow release cord which is made of nice yellow nylon. The release strap is reinforced by two straps around the key ring so that if one fails there is a backup. If the latch is clamped onto something like a carabiner and the release is pulled the catch falls effortlessly off of the carabiner.


Where the strap attaches to your gear you can attach it to your belt by a carabiner or using the large strap to put right over your blast belt or some other similar belt.


With that said this is a pretty cool piece of kit to complete a load out and at over half the price of the original makes a great substitute. Most airsofter's wont actually require the capabilities of the real one.


The whole deal



The belt loop


The clasp


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