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Pantac Kangaroo Pack (CB)

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Pantac Kangaroo Pack (CB)


The Pantac Kangaroo Pack is a copy of the Eagle Yote. It is a backpack capable of using straps for a regular pack setup or using the molle attachments on the back to attach it to a vest. Unlike previous hydration carriers Pantac has released this has actual straps and not just pieces of webbing. The straps are removable when using the molle attachments to save on weight. Unlike the Yote this pack does not come with a hydration bladder.


On to the features of this lovely bag that might have a chance to replace the MBSS as a favorite hydration carrier pack. At the lower end of the pack is a wedge shaped circular pouch. This pouch is closed with two zippers with braided para-cord on them as pulls. The zipper is a chunky ykk zipper that is certainly not going anywhere. The pouch has two rows of Velcro on the outside forming a rectangle roughly 3 inches tall and 6 inches wide. This can hold the larger unit or morale tabs that people love to affix to their gear. The pouch is a bit bigger than an old school Discman. Above this is another Velcro tab that you can use to affix a smaller name tag, flag or unit tab etc. At the top of the outer flap is a covered zipper closed pocket that runs the length of the pack. This is good and bad. Its good because its added storage but bad because its exceedingly hard to get things at the bottom of the pouch due to a narrow top and the flap. Admittedly I have large hands so this may not be a problem for smaller handed folks. If the pouch was an inch wider it would be a great size for people of all hand sizes. The large outer flap that is used to hold a helmet to the pack (more on that later) is cinched down by 6 compression straps. Each compression strap has a quick release buckle and a TAD style Velcro webbing keeper (still not sure what to call these things but I love them). The back of the large flap is made of 420D nylon to save on weight.


Behind the outer flap is the helmet storage area. It's a mesh bucket that has elastic stitched to the top to help retain your helmet. The compression straps are then used to further tighten things so you don't lose your brain bucket. This system works well and holds my Canadian Army helmet just fine and I have a large head. At the top of the back section where the main body of the pack is located you will find another zippered pouch running the length of the pack. This pouch is much better than the previous one because my meat hooks manage to fit in nicely and grab things. Much like all other zippered pockets this one has para-cord pulls on it. On each side of the pack are a utility pouch that is an inch deep 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Each pouch has a single drainage grommet at the bottom. This pouch would be good for storing a multi-tool and other small bits you might need easy access to. A daisy chain row runs the top half of the pack to allow another way to rig it onto a vest. The Molle mounting on the back consists of two straps and it is 4 channels wide. The length of real-estate it can take up on a vest is 8 rows of webbing. This will allow the vest to be securely fastened to the vest with no hint of moving. Each shoulder strap is held onto the vest with two easily removed pieces of webbing. Each strap has 2 1 inch plastic d-ring so that you can route a hydration tube through them or a similar item.


The inside of the main body is lined with 420D nylon and has a mesh pouch. At the top are three Velcro tabs so that a hydration carrier can be secured to the top of the pack. There is a Velcro pouch that runs the length of the interior and I can only assume it's meant to hold the hydration bladder to separate it from the contents of the pouch. There is a single drainage grommet at the bottom of the main compartment.


All in all I am fairly impressed with this bag. I don't know if it will replace the MBSS due to it requiring me to attach the back panel to my RRV which adds even more weight to my hefty vest but it might be a good candidate for my SPC. I do plan to use this bag in the colder temperature because it will hold my Snugpak Sleeka Elite jacket for when it gets cold.


The back


The molle attachment


The shoulder straps




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Any time I enjoy writing reviews. I have a few reviews lined up for the next few weeks all things I use very regularily.


To Review

Snugpak sleeka elite reversible

Snugpak stratosphere bivvy tent

Belville 490(I believe thats the right number there the us army issue desert boots)

Oakley pilot gloves

Super feet insoles


As always feedback to my reviews is much needed as no one ever tells me what they like and dislike about them. So I am stuck playing the guessing game.

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Um, great review but two glaring ommisions that come to mind, how much? and where from?

I typically don't post where I got it from since I don't want to favor one retailer over another. However Redwolf does carry every Pantac item as far as I know.

http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=27715 $84 USD

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