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Pro-Arms 72rds POM Hand Grenade


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If they work as well as the james boom one, these are much cehaper. 3 of them for 76 dollars plus chinese shipping (probably less then 50 dollars each.)

Does any one have one of these or a link to any more info?


Specifically, does the timer work & how long is it? Can people feel the hit? How loud are they?




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Fingers crossed for a working timer.


The fuse on the "snicker" 360 grenade is anything from 0 seconds to ten minutes. Lots of fun.


I never saw a working fix but I'm thinking of permanently replacing the tension bolt in mine with a pipe clamp.

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Got some of the pro-arms 40mm grenades, gotta admit they are worth the monies, though did anyone else have problems with the amount of drill flash/debris? its causeing bb's to jam in some holes :S

Would love to see the hand nades in action, im defo ordering some when i get paid but will the spoon flip off entirely or will it still be attached to the nade when the ring is pulled?

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