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3 disputes in one thread...

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first is with JBuhl (happened on here), who agreed to sell me a mopp suit. sent money, never got the package. he kept PMing me saying he was going to ship it out and never did. $$$ lost: $20


second is with echodafish (happened on here), who agreed to sell me a flightsuit and a pair of DCUs. he has told me he has shipped it multiple times but has yet to even give me so much as a tracking number. $$$ lost: $35


third did not happen on this forum, but i was seeking help from a mod on here, anteater, to track down the seller since they both lived in the same state. Anteater was going to help me get the police involved, but now i have no way of contacting him now that he got banned... The culprit's name is Stephen Gauthier, and lives in Pinellas Park, FL. he goes by 'house' on the forum i met him on. he ripped me off for an upgraded TM M9 tacmaster, 3 mags, and serpa, valued at more than $200. The culprit called me three weeks ago and said that one of the items he was giving me broke, and he was shipping out the rest and promised to give me a tracking number. $$$ lost: a metric *fruitcage* ton


the latest of these trades occurred in AUGUST! these people have had plenty of time and plenty of warnings to fulfill their end of the deal.

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Ev, I am so terribly sorry. Believe it or not but your stuff will be out in the morning with what I hope to be ample extras to make up for the wait.

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