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Oakley Factory Pilot Glove

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Almost all of the ebay auctions are close to $30 - $35 and are all genuine.


For that price I'd put money on them being ACM. Its possible that somewhere can do them at below the retail price but to say all of the Ebay sellers are selling genuine Oakleys is a bit of a leap of faith and almost impossible to confirm. I might just order some at random and compare them.


I picked a pair of the these up recently to replace my 5yo Hatch Operators that are now starting to have a few loose stitches etc, but after a few days in them I can say I personally prefer the hatch gloves. The Oaks are "softer" but I feel that they may rip at any moment, and the hard knuckle section doesn't sit as nicely as they do the Hatch. I do still really like them, and they look good too. Despite appearing bulky they fit very well and there is good contact and mobility, just make sure you get the right size. I'm a large in the Hatch and a medium/small with the Oakleys.

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Could do with some feedback on which has the better finger sensitivity - Oakleys or the Damascus? With my current knock off cheapos I always find I have to take my gloves off to do anything requiring any dexterity so going to invest in something better.

Also with the Oakleys / others how are they size wise? do they come up big? small? cheers,



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You can get these for around $40 nowadays, can't you?


I just wish they came in something other than black or tan.


Gauntlets could be good for some people, but even when I use flight gloves I find myself rolling the cuffs down. Maybe that's just me?


Good review though, and the picture quality is rather good compared to others I've seen.


Great job!

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All depends on the useage though surely..If I was wearing a pair for work every day then absoluteIy I would pay more , for once or twice a month airsoft use and nothing else is it really worth it?


Well, that is a choice that you have to make yourself. I have lots of pairs of gloves from issued gloves, aftermarket tactical gloves such as Oakleys, Blackhawk and Damascus and the likes of motorcross and mountain biking gloves and it's simply a case of finding a pair that suits you. Even just from Sunday skirmishing I have totalled a good few pairs of gloves so for me it is worth buying a pair I know is going to last rough treatment, even if it is just for every other Sunday.

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Problem is, people think that they are saving money by buying a pair of gloves for £30. fact is in the long run, they pay three times over!


I paid £30 for my Oakley SI gloves five years ago, and have skirmished at least 2-4 times a month every month for those last 5 years with them.


Only now have I got a hole in one of them, courtesy of a BFG loaded with a 12 gauge that came around a corner and landed in my lap, and then went off in my hand as I tried to knock it away.


I'd say they've worked out quite well.

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The ACM pair i have has lasted rather well , I have a tare in the stitching by my thumb from use , The "Leather" Around the carbon fibre is alight , The gloves got scrapped down a wall when biking which ripped a hole into the leather but still are wearable =/


The only thing i don't advise doing is leaving them near a source of moderate heat for to long , I left my pair on a little fan heater at work and the carbon fibre had heated up that much it lost its shape so its just like flat =/


(I found these gloves rather warm as well , I used them when i went out in the snow last year and my hands were nice and toasty)


Just ordered a black pair as khaki does not go well with DPM

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