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Differing Methods/Standards

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This will be the final post in this thread. I will not see this forum used for those with petty greivances to try and abuse others.


MCXL: I am very disappointed by your comments here. You are more than aware that you are welcome to approach another Moderator or an Admin with your concerns, and you are also aware that when I do not agree with the action taken I act upon it.


Given that you have chosen to not only post here once (which would have been reasonable) but to propogate what has decended into thinly veiled baiting of a staff member to try and incite some form of reaction, I now can only conclude that, far from being genuinely concerned about a breach of rules, you instead hold a personal greivance against moderating members for suspending others you get on with.


While I want to endorse free speech as much as humanly possible on these forums, I will not tolerate these forums being used as personal soapboxes to mock or deride other members of staff. MCXL was well aware of the processes for dealing with complaints when he pmed me to discuss this matter, and to all intents and purposes seemed happy that I would speak to the moderator about actions raised.


If members are baiting here in a bid to attempt to see some sort of punishment against Stealthbomber, then I fear I should warn you that you are wasting energy that could be channelled into far more productive and positive discussion on the forum. If an action occurs which we do not agree with, we will talk the staff member about this. We do not wander around banning volunteers simply because someone's best friend was told off.


To quash another issue, Anteater was banned for publically deriding several members of staff on repeated occasions in some impressively duplicitous behaviour, without taking up the greivances directly with members in PM. He was offered enough opportunities to redeem himself but each time just saught to antagonise the staff team more. On this basis the team decided that his continued presence as a staff member was both disruptive and highly offensive, and that his repeated comments even after being warned were indication that he would not belt up. For this reason he was removed from discussion.


Finally, if ANY member has concerns, as always they are welcome to approach me. I welcome feedback, good and bad (though it is invariably bad - we are not accustomed to gratitude from those we provide a free service to) sent directly to me and I give any negative feedback a fair hearing. IF however, I see members attempting to abuse this forum by using it as a means of abusing, baiting or mocking a member of staff, be assured that I will not be quite so welcoming.


Cheers. :)

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