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Appraisal for CYMA M14


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Well, I bought a like-new CYMA M14 a couple months ago, with the hopes of converting it to an M21 DMR. I also began to slowly buy the parts necessary for it.


Unfortunately, due to my short-sightedness about money issues, I may have to sell it.


The gun and the parts (All are brand new and have not been installed yet):

-Gun: black, less than one magazine shot through it. Part of the front sight is broken off (very fragile) but I still have the pieces. Can be put back on with super glue, Gorilla Glue, or something stronger. Internals are stock and untouched.

-Stock battery, sling, hicap mag, charger, and cleaning tool.

-CYMA M14 scope mount

-Edgi 6.01/509mm tightbore barrel

-Guarder hard black bucking and nub.

-Intellect 8.4v 3600mah large battery

-Two pairs of Deans Ultra connectors

-Guarder SP120 spring

-Two NCSTar raised scope rings

-NCStar 4x32 scope with covers (scope slightly used)


Would I have more luck selling it together or individually?

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