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Thinking of giving it all up

Andrew March

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I've been out of work now since the end of August and although money hasn't been an issue until now I have realised that it might be easier in the short term to sell all my stuff and when things get a bit better start over with new guns and kit.


the problem i have is really knowing what I can realistically charge people for my weapons and kit.


Currently I own:


CYMA MP5 J blowback (brand new never skirmished)

G&P M4A1 RIS that started out as a CQB-R, which has a magpul CTR stock and MIAD grip, chrono'd at 345fps (this gun is about 18mths old)

WE GBB M4 CQB with G&P RIS and magpul MOE stock, never skirmished has nine GBB mags with it (a couple leak)

King Arms M7A1 Troy, never skirmished but has a couplr of cosmetic scratches on the lower receiver, comes with lipo battery and PMAG.

A&K M16A4 RIS, brand new never skirmished

AGM HK416 full stock, brand new never skirmished


WE MEU with two mags, never skirmished

ARMY Glock17, never skirmished

KJ sig P226 full metal with two mags, lots of wear n tear externally, internally superb


CA RIS mounted M203 with five shells, this has been re sprayed black but looks almost new.


Various sights and scopes including Hurricane 551, two ACM Acogs, Aimpoint red/green dot, colt handle mounted scope for m4/m16, guarder 4x32 illuminated scope and more.


One Tan warrior TMV Delta vest with pouches, skirmished once


One OD Warrior RICAS with pouches, this has seen some action, nothing is damaged but boy it's dirty


I could go on and on but really what I'm looking for are some guidlines or help if anyone feels up to it on pricing these or even advice on what to keep and what to sell.


If you feel like discussing via PM that's cool.


Thanks for reading a very long dull thread :)

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