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G&G SCAR Review

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Alright, since I have not seen one single G&G SCAR Review out there (minus all those youtube reviews), I decided to review my G&G SCAR I just received!



Real steel History of the SCAR:


The Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle,[1][2] or SCAR, is a modular rifle made by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FNH) for the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to satisfy the requirements of the SCAR competition. This family of rifles consist of two main types. The SCAR-L, for light, is chambered in the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge and the SCAR-H, for heavy, fires 7.62x51mm NATO. Both are available in Long Barrel and Close Quarters Combat variants. The FN SCAR system completed low rate initial production testing in June 2007.[3] After some delays, the first rifles began being issued to operational units in April 2009, and a battalion of the US 75th Rangers will be the first large unit deployed into combat with 600 of the rifles in 2009




First Impressions: This gun came in 2 days ahead of schedule, which had me jumping for joy when I came home to find my gun. When it up I was greeted with a 450 round magazine, the gun, a cleaning rod, and a foregrip that doubles over as a bi-pod.





Look and Feel: The upper receiver is made of magnesium, which feels extremely solid. The lower receiver is a polymer type substance, which also feels very solid.


The top rail allows you to mount basically any sight. It's numbered 1-40



You can adjust the rear sight. This is in it's lowest position



And this is it's highest



It can also fold down to make seeing through a scope/optic much easier



The same goes for the front sight.



The stock can fold for more compactness.




The gun is one solid piece of equipment. The Hi-cap magazine fits into the mag well perfectly with only a little bit of wobble. I tried MAG magazines, and there is still a little bit of wobble with the magazines.

However, since this gun holds you down to only a small type battery unless you get a new stock or battery pouch: 17/20




More to follow...

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Internals & Externals


While it seems this gun has a very goldish upper receiver, it is only due to the camera. In person, the gun's upper and lower receiver are very similar in color.



The bolt catch is fully functiLooking at the hop-up I can tell that the bucking is the new G&G green bucking (The one that is supposed to last is really cold temperatures)onal, which is a convenience when adjusting the hop-up. (Hop-up seems to me like a proprietary SCAR hop-up).



Now it is closed



As I have said before, the foregrip can double over as a bi-pod with the push of a button, or it can just be a regular foregrip:




The trades are very accurate, and each gun comes with a unique serial number (I got 198)




The stock can be put into 6 positions, this one being the last one



And this one being the first one



The cheek rest can also be adjusted to 3 positions, this one being the lowest



And this one being the highest




More to follow...

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One thing I did not expect was the wiring (thought it was wireless)



The removal / insertion of the battery is probably the only downside to this gun. It is a process that begins with removing this pin.



Removed (you now can take off the pad)



You then put the stock in the last position (fully retract it) and use the pin you removed to push up a metal tab on the bottom of the stock



Then you can wiggle the stock out.



Place the battery in



And hook up the wires



You can now wiggle the stock back in, place the butt pad back on, insert the pin, and you're ready to go!


The only thing to watch out for, is when you place the stock back in the gun, there are some metal contacts that I can see bending very easily, so be very careful.





The gun is standard G&G internals so I expect it to go a long way if I don't mess with it, and combined with the externals, it justifies the price. 19/20




Performance: I did an accuracy test with 11 shots on semi-auto with .25 G&G non-bio's at 90 ft. My results were not the best, but the hop-up has not broken in yet (>20 shots taken before the accuracy test). Also, I haven't cleaned the inner barrel yet.




Not the best accuracy, even with a 6.04 mm barrel, but I haven't broken in the hop-up or cleaned it yet, so my performance makes sense 18/20



Upgrade Availability: The internals are completely M4 compatiable, so the possibilities are endless for internals, as for externals, the options are almost limitless as well.



The gun is M4 compatiable internally, which speaks for itself. For the SCAR alone, there are not that many external upgrades except for lasers, red dot sights, foregrips, etc. So not too bad 18/20







Overall grade: 72/80



Final Verdict: Most cheap cloned SCAR's on the market are just plain ######. I don't have a VFC SCAR to compare this to right now, but it seems from looking around it has better internals but slightly worse externals then the VFC. When I get the VFC version, I will confirm this myself.



Review Complete :D

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While it seems this gun has a very goldish upper receiver, it is only due to the camera. In person, the gun's upper and lower receiver are very similar in color.


Yeah I know. I will try to get some natural lighting pics outside tomorrow to see if the color difference decreases, but when I got it today it was too late to go outside.

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Just a small update-



The hop-up has been broken in and cleaned, and I took it out for test firing today. In bad conditions (was snowing), I could easily hit a man-sized tree trunk at 150 feet with G&G .25's. In regular conditions without snow, I could probably hit a man sized target at 175+ feet.


This gun has yet to let me down, and has been a great investment for my first high end gun. I would highly recommend this gun to any SCAR fans.



Cheers biggrin.gif

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very nice, am thinking about getting a scar for my long range weapon, how much did you pay for this one and where did you get it from?



I got it from AirsoftGi for 380 US dollars. However, since you live in the UK, it will most likely be more expensive and harder to find. If worse comes to worse you can order it from one of the shops in Hong Kong.

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Do you have any more updates to give us? How is your gun holding up so far? Any concerns or recent happenings any prospective buyers (such as myself) should hear?


Sorry, haven't checked up on this section until right now.


As for updates. I have put about 15,000 rounds of G&G .25's. Still perfect. The hop-up has fully broken in, and the CQB field I use it in, I can accurately shoot from one side all the way to the other side. I only have 2 main concerns:


1) The stock catch has a slight possibility of snapping if I manage to chronically abuse it, which I dont think will happen anytime soon

2) The wires that the stock slide into have the can bend, which would lead to a ton of frustration trying to fix it.



Once again, sorry for the late response (I think you already yourself a G&G SCAR, and I saw it in the pictures thread? :P )



EDIT: Forgot to mention, the place I play at has a very dusty floor, and playing there several times has caused dirt to build up on my gun, it looks AMAZING. Hopefully I'll figure out this new computer I have and post up pictures :D

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Yeah. From the shooting I've done, I've found the hopup to be VERY hard to adjust, requiring a good bit of finger strength, but very little effort if you've got some pliers or a screwdriver. The hopup is also pretty touchy, it won't lose its adjustment anytime soon, but the slightest bit too much, and it'll send a .2 straight up. I admit though, that I need to run .25's through it, I only happen to have eleventy billion .2's laying around and wanted to blow away some. My rifle's Serial No. is 144. As far as the stock piece breaking goes, mine probably broke during shipping. UPS is not known to be careful with what they're handling anyways. I don't expect to break my stock in actual gameplay, but G&G offers replacements (you need to email them or one of their distributors though).

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Just got mine the other day.

CQC variant in tan.

Absolutely love the feel of the weapon. Much easier and quicker to shoulder/get sight picture than the typical M4 series.


Anyone try running a 7.4V Lipo? Don't want 11.1V as that seems too fast for a stock box.


Since a 7.4V Lipo has a similar output to a 9.6V regular, I think there shouldn't be a problem. I was tempted to run a 11.1V on it just to see the scary ROF it would have had, but I decided against it. I get about 15 RPS with a 8.4V mini on full charge, so I am assuming a 7.4V lipo would go about 18-19 RPS.

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