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Morning fellow members;


I urge you all, mainly southern sites, to keep an eye out for 3 guns, plenty of magazines, one PRR radio and one KSC Glock 19.


The guns are:


1 x G&P M16 with full length RIS, tan stock, new RIS.

1 x CA (classic army) M4 CQB with a tan lower, slight weathering on the COLT trades, chopped BUIS on the rear. Tan rail covers.

1 x King Arms MAGPUL M4...All black, magpul grip and stocks (CTR) plus KA silencer on the front.

1 x KSC glock 19

1 x Serpa holster (not leg rig) black

1 x PRR bowman radio.


Stolen in the last week. If any one heres or sees anything on any forum i urge and beg you to call the Sussex Police on 0845 60 70 999 and give them details.


Thank you for your time and support





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