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OD Eagle Plate Carrier & Cummerbund with BHI Pouches


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Not sure I'm going to sell this but I'm thinking about it, and not really sure what it's worth. So, what we have is:

Eagle PC with Cummerbund ($210 + cost of importing)

BHI Triple M4 Pouch (holds 6 mags) (£43)

BHI Double Pistol Mag Pouch (£25)

BHI M4 Pistol Pouch (£28)

BHI Admin Pouch (£24)

BHI Small Radio/GPS Pouch (£24)

BHI Hydration Carrier (£40)

BHI Medium GP Pouch (£35)


Prices in brackets are the price new (and not the most expensive I could find either). Everything is in great condition, especially the PC itself. Pouches are a little bit muddy from getting down and dirty, but no wear or fraying.

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