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Magpul PTS Folding Pistol Gun (FPG)


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The Magpul PTS FPG (Folding Pocket Gun, formerly known as the FMG-9 (Folding Machine Gun, 9mm):

The Magpul FPG was renamed from the FMG-9 as it was felt that calling a gun a "Machine Gun" might be too aggressive. The RS gun constitutes as a SBR due to the short barrel + full stock, it'll be available in multiple calibers and it can be folded up and slipped into a pocket, so Folding Pocket Gun seemed more appropriate. When it was decided to formerly rename the FMG-9 to the FPG (Folding Pistol Gun) in hopes that it will "soften" the image of the gun ... let me be clear with all of you, you can call this gun JellyBeans, cupcake, or twinkie for all I care ... there is NO SOFTENING of this badåss piece of hardware. Innocuous as it may appear when folded up, with a quick jerk of the thumb against the charging handle and a flick of the wrist ... this gun snaps open and transforms into a vicious little package. With that simple action, the entire gun unfolds itself into a short barreled, fully auto, GBB G18 with a solid and robust stock ready to rock. Everything you've seen in all the youTube videos regarding the real steel FMG-9/FPG is exactly the same on the Magpul PTS FPG. The pistol grip folds/unfolds just like the real thing, and if you have a 23 round or 49 round KWA/KSG G17/G18 mag in the gun it automatically positions itself into a loaded configuration when deployed. And that's it ... you're ready to inflict plastic death. The FPG also comes with the top removable handle that possesses a weaver rail which you can attach whatever light, laser, RDS accessory you should choose to add to the gun (light not included). One notable difference between this version and previous versions we had seen was the large recessed lettering on the side of the gun, which used to say FMG-9 and now instead says FPG reflecting it's most current nomenclature abbreviation.


And without further ado ... I give you the Magpul PTS FPG:








Special thanks to Spartan Imports for the above pics.



Functionality of the real steel FPG featured on "Ultimate Weapons: Close Quarter Battle"



I had a tonne of fun (yes, a metric ton) playing with the FPG. It felt very solid both folded and unfolded. You can snap it open just like the real thing. You can disassemble it just like the real thing. In the above video of the real steel FPG, you will notice that the top cover flips open 180°. The Magpul PTS FPG reflects the most current generation of the real FPG and thus the top cover only flips open to about 100° in order deter the user from allowing their hand to pass in front of the gun's muzzle. It's these little touches that really show Magpul PTS's attention to details.


Shouldering the gun felt comfortable and natural ... and compact. Firing the gun is as you would expect... AWESOME. It's exactly how you would expect a KSC/KWA G18C with a stock should shoot (read as : FUN!).


Initially, the gun will ship as a kit. You will need a KSC or KWA G18 as a donor gun and KWA/KSG G17 or G18 mags (standard length 23 rounders or the long 49 round mags). Instructions will of course be included but I was told that installation is relatively simple and straight forward. The kit will of course include the longer barrel that Magpul PTS will supply (and possibly other details I may have left out, but rest assured, it will be aesthetically accurate to the RS). In the future, Magpul PTS hopes to release within the next year their own fully built, complete version of the FPG, but they're still working on the internal design. I'm guessing this may require their own Magpul PTS designed magazines. I'm not sure on those specific details are yet.


MSRP: Around $225 for the kit. Previously, it was hoped to keep the MSRP well under $200, however, in order to increase the quality of FPG, Magpul PTS are now using a custom formula polymer and not an off the shelf one. The polymer used in this product is by far the nicest polymer I have ever seen used in real steel or airsoft products. There are many thin walled polymer parts on the gun just as there are on the real steel version, and yet, the airsoft version feels absolutely rock solid. Due to switching to the new custom formula polymer, the cost increased significantly.

Release: Around the same time as the ACR ... so early 2010.



So in summary : Magpul PTS FPG functions the same as the real deal ... but is an Airsoft Gas Blow Back SMG. It will initially be a kit and needs a KWA or KSC donor G18 gun. Further information will be released during the 2010 SHOT Show (January 19th - 22nd). So it should be out soon after hopefully. MSRP around $225 for the kit.

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damn this is nice! i love the way it folds out instantly, but does that mean you will need to cut up your glock lower frame or is that in the Kit? I think it looks awesome but because im lazy and not to mention just sold both my 18's and alll my 50rnd mags i might wait for there own full version to come out and see how that performs.

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Hmmm... 225 dollars, U.S., for a Glock-in-a-box?

I almost want two...


Who am I kidding?

I need two!


Also, 1st_shooter, I believe that all you need to do is to transplant some of the Glock 17/18 internals from your donor gun into the new system. There is no need for amateur surgery. That would be way below MagPul's standards, and you should know that.

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Also, 1st_shooter, I believe that all you need to do is to transplant some of the Glock 17/18 internals from your donor gun into the new system. There is no need for amateur surgery.

Correct. There is no need to butcher the frame to make it work. You'll have to transfer almost everything except for the lower gun parts from what I recall.


Personally, I really like the TM G17.

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