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Sorry to necro



But I just had to chime in and say that of all the GBB I have used, this AEP beats them all in terms of performance.


The no blowback thing, you'll get over it soon after you get your nth kill with the little monster.


Oh and get the TM. The CYMA one doesn't have the same accuracy.

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Thats bull. As someone who has handled both i can say that the TM is marginally better, no more accurate, and with a minimally more effective range because TM's hop up is slightly better, although CYMA did a near perfect job cloning it


The only real difference is the externals. I highly doubt you have any first hand experience as i have never met anyone who has used both the TM and the CM who has claimed otherwise - everyone agrees that they are near identical - so don't tell people to waste money. The only chance that this is not true is if the CYMA is a dud, because of worse QC. Otherwise there is absolutely no reason to go TM if you don't have the money to blow


If you really care about externals anyways you'll end up getting a SD slide so the marui trades and the like are a waste to spend upon

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in the uk cyma g18's dont really seem to drop in value hardly at all on the 2nd hand market, they go for about £45 new and sell for pretty much the same,they are great little guns to use, i still prefer gas pistols though, its the noise that makes people jump in suprise i like most...sneaky fun heheh :P

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So? You can't buy a TM either.

Theres no way to buy either the CM or the TM G18c in the US anywhere, so...Also imports are stopped at customs


So essentially your only bet is off a forum.



It can get around customs. Glock has their design trademarked, but customs doesn't do much to stop them from getting in. That's why I currently have 4. Also, if you search hard enough, some airsoft shops have some Glocks left in their stock.

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The GBB is definately NOT better in less than ideal conditions. Cold can create nothing but hassles with magazines and freeze up. Higher temps can cause pressure spikes that at the least can take you over the maximum for field use or at the most can damage the pistol.


While the AEP may have issues with FPS, it has no issues in areas where the GBB doesnt get it done. It is more dependable and reliable and I can make that statement based on usage of both for several years.


The number of AEP's I've seen fail on the field are zero. The number of GBB's I've seen fail (including my own), well, I stopped counting a long time ago.


There are pluses and minus to both, but your not correct with your statment that GBB's are better.

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