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Magpul Picture Thread

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started out as a g&p m4a1 a few months back. Now has: MOE stock, grip, handguard and ASAP sling plate. Dragon red eotech xps, element surefire m600 replica flashlight. Prometheus tightbore and hop rubber with scs nub. Latest g&p internals running off a 7.4v li-po.



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hey hugh how's that element surefire replica? is it any good?



Seems very nicely made buddy! Very bright, more of a concentrated beam as opposed to a flood, but that suits me fine! Lights up rooms easily. A fair bit brigther than a standard real one. It even has surefire trades! Only £26 delivered from rsov too!

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After a long time of procrastinating and excuses for not finish my build, I am now finally finish. I call it a M7N4, sounds like a influenza virus to be honest. Still want a torch for it, still undecided on model and finish of the light. Recommendations are welcomed.


Parts List:

*G&P Noveske N4/MUR metal body kit

*King Arms M7A1 RAS

*King Arms Noveske-style flashinder

*PMC Tactical low profile gas block with Noveske trades

*Magpul PTS MIAD inf FDE

*Magpul PTS Enhanced Trigger Guard

*King Arms M7A1 QD sling mount

*Magpul PTS 120rnd magazines in FDE (6x)

*RS Magpul CTR in FDE

*RS Tango Down QD Stubby Fore Grip in FDE

*RS Magpul XT rail cover in FDE

*RS Magpul/Falcon Ladder rail cover in FDE

*RS Troy/Noveske M4-style BUIS in FDE

*RS Aimpoint Micro T1 on Larue LT-660HK mount

*RS Noveske "Suprise C*** Fag!!" dust cover

*RS Magpul Pmag Ranger Plates in Blk (6x)

*RS Vicking Tactics Wide Padded Sling in CB





WOW... That's a nice looking gun. I just bought the U.S. Version of the G&P MAGPUL PTS M4 Carbine, the official MAGPUL PTS and I love it but that rifle of yours looks SWEET!


After seeing that Noveske body kit, I really want one in black. I think the black body with FDE accessories would like nice.


Good build man!

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And I'm on the left in the RG Crye Combat pants and IR US Flag. I am NOT looking forward to driving back to SoCal today (feeling kinda beat after three days of class). It was my first time taking Carbine 1 (Titleist's second time) ... it was a blast (literally :P)!



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