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Magpul Picture Thread

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anybody here have any spare FDE MIAD Pannels i could take off their hands?


As in the front and rear grip pieces? I got 2 slimmer rear piece and the front piece without the trigger guard but with a index groove that I am not using...basically the one you don't see on my carbine...

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My M4 is giving me serious boners ^^

Off picture a GG&G style offset mount for the light and a daniel defense style sling swivel.

On top rail is the pressure switch.


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DD Omega 7.0 is a history now.

That's my final setup, still with two piece outer barrel. Only thing I need is Tango Down short VFG - I should get it within next two days. No lights, no lasers... Just pure "magpulized" mk18.


Enjoy (or don't) ;)





Other pix under this link:



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