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Magpul Picture Thread

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I really like it.


Did you build that from scratch? Specs please.




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I'm looking at starting a Magpul SBR project soon. Any suggestions on barrels and alike?

Take a look at cstrikeman's above you. I like a 9.5" DD RIS and either a 10.5" or 11.5" outer barrel. cstrikeman's is an 11.5" outer, and one mine I have a 10.5" (pictures to come when the rest of my stuff comes in for it) with the same DD RIS MK18 rail (9.5") rail. You could also go shorter, but that's up to you and what you like. I personally love the 10.5" or even 11.5" outer barrel with just about any rail system.

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I know this is like necroposting, but regarding the "ninja"-style way too show that your pointing a weapon.


I readsome where some timeago (I think it was a SWAT magazine) that one of the reason for doing that was when you use the standard way, you typicaly place your hands so high that you look over you thump knuckles. If ou to that alot (witch shooting instructors tend to do) that may get transferd over to you muscle memory so hard that you will start doing it even with a gun in your hand, thus placing it to high. One of my officers in "Hemvärnet" swedish homeguard thingy, say something simulare. But if it's true or just personal preferences from the writer of the artical and my officer I will not comment about.


But back on topic.


Alot of realy nice guns here. I makes me want to build a Magpul M4

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This is kinda off topic, but has anyone seen the video of Blackwater snipers in Najaf on youtube?


That guy shooting looks so much like Travis Haley and his gestures and voice are so much on target as well.

(That video is from 2004)



Thats because it was travis haley. ;)

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I am loving the DD mk18 rail! I have a couple questions though, I am considering a G&P sentry which comes with the DD lite style rail. however, I would like to upgrade to a socom gear DD mk18 but I have heard that the barrel nut on the socom gear is not threaded right for the G&P reciever. What I am wondering is, will the barrel nut from the G&P sentry work to install the mk18 rail? anyway, amazing guns, they are all really sweet. one more thing, I want your opinions on what colors I should go with for my magpul build. should I go with the full FDE including reciever and rail, or should I go with a black reciever and rail with FDE accesories like chris costa?

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