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Element Surefire 600C Scout Light

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The most accurate/realistic SF replica i've seen is made by a brand called 'FireKylin'.


Although quite expensive for a replica (a LED M952 costs ~$80), but firekylin feature real HA type III surface treatment just like real surefires and because it's a 100% clone, all internal/external parts are interchangeable with real SFs.


The most difficult feature to 'clone' is 1.Surefire's iconic green / greyish 'sheen' and the very thin natual satin black finish on their HA typeIII treated aluminium and 2. surefire's hi-power laser engraving which burns right through the hard treated surface . Firekylin cloned both feature spot on. (and that's very scary if you own a real SF and know what i'm saying. )


I'm just about to make a thread about how to distinguish between the real SF and Firekylin clone.


Did you order it directly from FE themselves (I remember they have a website) or through an airsoft retailer? In HK I haven't seen any shop carrying FE stuff other than WGC (but I think they took it down already).

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