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Magpul ACS stock

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I'm not so much a Magpul fan; I just buy the stuff I think looks and works ok. The only other Magpul item I have on is their MOE handguard, which is also a China copy. The ACS stock had only been advertised at a local site just recently and didn't want to risk having them run out on me so I purchased a set as soon as I could. Looking around, I haven't found these being sold anywhere else apart from real ones which cost $130. That said, I purchased the stock at a mere $29 with a bit of a discount too as I bought other stuff along with it (China LaRue ECOS rail raiser).


Out of the... they even copied the box :P . Supplied with manual, Allen wrench, and a dummy Magpul 5.56 round which doubles as a tool.



Finish is ok, similar to the China MOE handguards so it kinda matches. It comes in tan also, but I like a simple "black" rifle.



There's a gap on the top of the butt plate which won't go away even when fully tightened. The mold lines and flashing (circles) are also present.




Following the instructions, I'm supposed to use the dummy round to pry the lock pin down for installation. Problem is, the hole that you're supposed to hook it against was on the wrong side, meaning the whole pin was assembled wrong. Rotated 180° it should look like in the pic below. Also, the spring for it was too long which meant pulling the pin down all the way wouldn't give you enough clearance to fit the stock. I had to cut a couple coils off. I didn't actually use the supplied dummy round as it gets scratched by the sharp edges of the pin notch.




I have a Socom Gear N4 (WE M4) which has a milspec buffer tube. The stock has a bit of wobble installed and needed a layer of electrical tape to sort most of it out, just like the original supplied LE stock. It's comfortable to cheek and a notch longer than regular stocks. What I like most about it is the ample space in the side tubes and extra compartment enough to carry candy bars, unlike your typical crane stock. You'd need to remove the entire butt plate to access the side tubes though. The lever lock does nothing however, and doesn't prevent the operation of the adjuster lever at all.




If you like Magpul, you'd probably buy the real thing. If you like Magpul and on a budget, this will make you plenty happy. If you don't like Magpul, you should buy this product just the same because I'm sure the proliferation of knockoffs ###### them off. I like this because it works.


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Bought it from here:


It's a local store that advertises at FAS forums. I doubt they can do international orders though. But the ACS stock is bound to show up in the ones that do. I was just surprised to see this in stock before any of the HK stores (like when I got my fake MOE handguard).


I also figured out how to fix the adjustment lock. With the lock removed (requires the removal of the side tubes first) you can see on the inside a metal brace and a ball-spring assembly. This ball-spring is what gives tension. The way I got it is that the ball-spring is installed on the plastic lock first then the metal brace. What happens is that the ball-spring falls short giving little tension. I reversed the order of assembly, metal brace first then the ball-spring. The metal brace becomes a spacer and pushes the ball-spring more outward.

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