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Editing of sales threads....

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Hi peeps,


I've been through the "site suggestions" section but I couldn't find a thread on the subject (although if there is then I've missed it :rolleyes:)


Would it be possible for users to edit their own "for sale" threads to cut down on the number of posts? So if you have say 10 items for sale and you sell 3 of them you can edit your original post to reflect this, like SOLD next to the items in question.



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cant find any evidence, but it has been brought up before :)


the general consensus was, to my old booze-addled brain, that it could/would be used for naughty shenanigans, ie, "buy my uber rare 1 of 3 M4, with such-and-such bits on", buyer pays, seller sends a fooked JG or whatever, and edits the topic to prevent any comeback.


call me a cynic, but i see it as a way for evil doings...

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Precisely - I'm sure there's been threads too, but it's 11pm and I have better things to do than find one to link to.


Anyway, the best solution as always is to hit the report button. One of the staff will close it then as soon as possible. :)


My idea doesn't involve the Mods closing my thread, just that the member has the ability to edit the listing to reduce the number of posts.


But I agree with your point shmook, it can lead to dodgy dealings on the sellers behalf if abused.



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