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(Z)ISM-V Red Dot sight with laser

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A review of the RS version can be found here.


This is a copy of the ISM-V red dot scope and visible laser which I bought from www.ebaybanned.com for the grand total of $95.50 (£60.01).


If your in the market for a new red dot scope and visible laser then this would be a good choice. The scope comes in a hard case lined with foam and inside the box you get the ISM-V, a soft cover, a small brush, some velcro pads, a remote jack with pressure switch, a small bottle of IPA and a instruction manual.


The scope is well constructed and all the buttons function as they should. the plus and minus buttons work well through 10 different brightness settings. The pressure switch can hold the laser on if you apply pressure and I found that if I pressed it once the laser would come on and stay on then If I pressed it again it would switch off. pretty handy to be honest. The windage and elevation screws work and you can zero the scope to your AEG.


The ISM-V is constructed from hard plastic and the only metal parts are the battery cap and the screw for holding it onto a RIS rail. Talking of batteries the scope takes 1 CR123A battery.


And now the pictures.











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the eye relief is probably infinite as there is no magnification. its like a aimpoint type of red dot scope.


what color and how useful is the laser? like, how far can you easily pick up the projected dot in the daylight?

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The laser is red.... he posted a picture of it.


EDIT: moar questions:


-what does the 'standby' setting do?

-what is the function of the fire button?

-Is there any way to mount PEQ style laser covers? (I am about 85% sure I saw a pic of a real ISM with a PEQ style cover.)

-do the laser and scope adjust together?

-how strong/secure is the mount?



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