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G36 Picture Thread

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Thought i'd make my contribution :D

Just got the SL-9 kit to make my MGL-9D or whatever it's supposed to be.

Love it or hate it, i'm in the former :D










Sorry that the last one is so big, photobucket wouldn't change it for some reason.



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I miss my CA36. :(


I don't miss the problems it caused me, but I do miss it.


EDIT/DIGRESSION: It's interesting to note how over the last year the G36 and P90 have gone from being the most common AEGs on my team to among the least, while the Kalashnikov and Armalite have gone from next to nothing to second and first most popular (respectively).

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has anyone tried to fit a large PEQ battery in the skeleton stock (red outline), then covered/taped it in? as such:


and if it's a close fit, maybe a custom pack with an individual cell in the green outline?

It would be a poor man's V stock if it worked :P

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It'd also be annoying, IMO, to get the wires to run out to the rear in that situation. The standard stock offers no means for rewiring to the rear, especially since it both seals against the rear of the rifle and mechanically protrudes *into* the hole in the rear of the rifle where you'd ideally want the wiring to exit the receiver. This means that you'll have to run the wiring externally along much of the rifle in order to get it to the stock.


I'd just save up for a KV stock or even a larger foregrip. Or hell, even a battery sling.

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Rear wiring is possible and something I'm planning as soon as my wire arrives.


All you need to know?!

As for fitting a battery in the stock.

A 9.6v 1400mah fits across the length of the handle in that gap with about 20mm to spare (on a "K" stock.

I am planning to make a custom unit a bit like a spectacles case (for ease of swappin batteries) to sit in the hole with an extended cheek rest on top of the stock. Have it all planned but only on paper at the moment. Will provide a more stable platform with a good cheek weld and should look quite sweet on my K. Low rail carry handle, RAS foregrip setup.

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I've got a Q for people with KV stocks...


Verify or correct the following statements:

The kit comes with Deans connectors. Batteries also need Deans (female). For a charger, i'll need a male deans to male tamiya adaptor like this:



Is all of that right?

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for those asking about the KV stock - yes its made for deans, and if you buy the specifically made batteries for the stock, as i have done, it comes pre equipped with the connector for deans. the batteries are very good, though i have gone back to havcing a mini connector on it, incase i run out of juice i can shove a mini batt in the stock. doubt it will ever happen though

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Most fire arms stores in the US sell them for $8-$15, they are usually for specific models, but there are also "universal" versions avalable.



That would have been hugely useful if I lived in America and had a firearm store anywhere near me :P


Does anyone know a UK online store that stocks them?

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