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G36 Picture Thread

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it is heavy. tbh, the elcan doesnt go on it thats for the minimi, but it was the closest thing to hand. usually an aimpoint, relfex sight or the K handle. that elcan weighs a shitload.


that setup is very heavy, and i dont use a sling either. and its got the big custom battery in the KV stock. thing is, removing one pin and i can get the launcher off, fit the c handle, remove the outer barrel section, slide my silencer over the outer, and ive got a C length G36 in seconds.

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Boredom does funny things. Freshly whited out trades.




Closeup of said trades.


I don't care if it's not particularly realistic - I think it adds a bit more character to the gun. I could also remove them faster than I put them on. Gotta love wax crayons.


Comments welcome.

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