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G36 Picture Thread

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the armalite magwell is now gone. I only really had it so as not to buy new mags. I did make a small mistake on the g36 magwell however and dusted the stripe in the wrong direction. But its now been rectified.


I may well get the KSK style rail as well. But for now I need the full legth stock and K length front end as well as a few internal things so its somewhere near bottom of the list.


Thanks for the comments though :)

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Classic Army G36 with mp5 foregrip to hold large battery in (works great)


I think it looks quite nice....


Still in progress, going to spray wires (can see them in the pics can also see battery in the front of mp5 foregrip) and few other things...


Sorry for poor quality I took with my phone












What do you think??



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