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G36 Picture Thread

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This is what you need to cut barrels effortlessly and accurately. The problem isn't with cutting, it's more with crowning the tip. When you crown it, the heat expands the tip and you can't insert into the gun anymore. I find running in cold water helps.

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Sad days my friends....



Most of you knew I was opting for a G36 or SL9 project. Well, Birthday came and I did get money. $260 to be exact. and a new highend video card for my PC.



Well, I have been thinking lately and I have made my decision. I am going for an iPod.



I know this sounds crazy...but I think I'll get more out of my ipod than a G36 or SL9.



Maybe after christmas I might get some new stuff to add one...but for now it is only an iPod.









Also, Anyone know of how I can attach my iPod to my G36c rail system? :D



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All photos in relation to previously made comments on other posts.


CA36K recieved mid Sept. with full sized stock

TM Rubberised vertical foregrip

GRS Long lower rail




Shows positioning of vertical grip




Shows clearance from magazine to arm to allow for extra mag




Shows what appears to be full sized stock without cutout shown in all literature and early released guns



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Hehehe @ robot  :D


@ rallymad_nad


Have the changed anything else? Is the barrel still a removeble extension screwed on the G36C muzzle?


Yes the barrel is still a screwed on extension have just added a tight bore barrel. Still having battery issues, what battery are you using in yours?

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Hmmm that's nice :). Maybe they've read my comments ;)


Thanks CA  :D

Bah. The buttpad is still wrong though, I think! Still I'm impressed they fixed the sling loop bridge flaw so fast. :)


It still bugs me that the barrel is too long, and the flash hider just doesn't look right for some reason. I'm probably just too used to mine.

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