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G36 Picture Thread

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I've literally just now sourced a bipod off one of the G&P foregrips in a part exchange.


On another note... heres a picture of the new SL8-6 from HK. My question is this... when will we get a replica of those magazines? The real steal magazine seen in this picture holds 10 rounds.


I don't know why anyone hasn't mentioned it, but there are SL8 *short* mags available. STAR makes them, I actually just my few of them a couple months ago.




*Cue Napoleon Dynamite GOSH!*


And NeoVenom, nice G36, oh, and... Wooo lefties! G36: Lefties gun of choice ;).


And to add to the mayhem, I think I might have posted these up already, but I am lazy and an attention ######:


My surpremely awesome G36KV, Soul:



Straight on man ;).



TM G36c originally.

CA Optic bridge with my own work done to add top rail.

G&P KV stock (best accessory for an airsoft G36 known to man)


Custom Aluminum outerbarell

G&P Aimpoint (although I might be getting an EOTech soon)


Internally has Systema Standard gears, m120 spring, bushings, nice shim job, and a 6.04 tightbore. Clocks in at around 400 FPS with .25s. My pride and joy.

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