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G36 Picture Thread

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Get a rail then, harris does attach to a rail right?



The Typical Harris style attaches to a stud. To get it on a rail you need something like this







I just looked on UnCo, i thought i had remembereed seeing a variant that would directly attach to a rail but i could not find it.



Some guns and handguards come with those studs or holes that lett you attach a stud to it. If not you will have to get one in there but drilling a hole and tapping it for the stud. Out of all of the bipods that i have used none are as nice as the harris style.


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From a member of the airsoftbrugge forum. But I don't know where he gets it from.

The best way to get one is to make it yourself. Although I heard Land Arms is going to start producing them aswell for a price of around 12 euros.

Don't know when they'll hit the shops though.

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Me and my mates g36k's




The one on the left is mine btw, posted some pictures of it a couple of months back.

(apologies about the vomit - color painjob on Llama's picture, but that is due to the flash of the camera.)


Expecting an SL-8 aluminium short rail to arrive any day now, so I'll be posting some pics very soon. :D

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