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G36 Picture Thread

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I was able to acquire a Star dual optic sight and a G36k handguard. As such, here's my latest setup:




Woah, how you finding the magwell and any more pics/pics without the front handguard with VN mags? I thought it'd look finebut never saw any pics except in an SL9...

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Very nice G36A2 there Quin can i ask where you got the red dot from? i just recently came across a number of very nice pictures of that very red dot on militayphotos.net ( for ref search for 'Germany's Elite Soldiers' last 2/3 pages of the thread) and since then i;ve been on the look out for one.

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Z-Points can be bought on egun.de or in various german hunting stores (like frankonia), but i don't know if they're restricted items like eotechs in the us. Unfortunately the rubber cover isn't available on the civilian market for some reasons.

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My humble offering...







I call her the intimidator :P


Classic army G36 (CA36)

Classic army AG36 grenade launcher

Reflex sight

Star G36c carry handle



Soon to have a new hop up and TB.


Might convert it into a more sniper like weapon. Turn the AG36 into a stand-alone as with it on the gun is quite front



(sorry as rubbish quality pics, don't have much time at the moment, thought it would be better to post some rather than none)


Thanks :)

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and heres all the experiments - 4 different front ends, 2 or 3 optic options and the choice to go loud or go quiet. all off the same base G36K.












no idea which one i like best, but some mixes just looked real bad, i didn't even post those ones haha.


cheers - sorry for 2 posts, couldnt get all pics on one

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I agree, that's exactly what I'll do with a G36 once i get one. I'll probably go with the K though because i prefer the barrel length.


Does the AG36 open on both sides? Can it swing open to the right? Being a lefty, it would definitely help... :rolleyes:

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I was asking whether the magwell was working fine, and if there were any other pictures of the gun, especially without the forehandle-fold-down thingy. :P


Nice A2

And nice versatility... I think it looks better with the k length hand guard in most cases though :P

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