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G36 Picture Thread

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Sorry for the poor quality, but it's all I can do right now.


Right now the silencer is just slid over the outer barrel, however, It stops the inner barrel being twisted ( It sticks out the flash hider) and popping out the c retainer, which I have had to fix back in place 4 times already :angry:

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Finally my G36C is more or less complete... well at least externally ;)





An arty shot of the gun





A little overview





Upside down ;)





Now finally with flip-up BUIS. Not the real MP7 style ones, but they will be replaced by real ones as soon as they or a well made replica (Marui/Maruzen?) becomes available.





BUIS deployed. Yes it's a co-witness setup :)





Top View. It's a really streamlined weapon, nothing pokes out more than 15mm (except the flashlight of course).





Imagine how well it would feel in your hands :D



List of components:



CA G36 Lowcaps

9.6V 1100mAh Akku

EO-Tech 551 HDS A65/1 Rev. F

Guarder Picatinny Rails G36c ''SLS'' (long under mountrail)

Ledwave Z-5 Railmount Tactical light

King Arms TD Replica Vertical Grip

Prometheus Barrel 247mm

Guarder Hop-Up Bucking, Silicon

G&G Aluminium barrel/gaspiston/flashhider

real H&K Aluminium scope rail

G&P Flash QD Front Sight

Guarder NB-44 Tactical Flip-Up Rearsight

real H&K G36 tactical sling


total cost ~ 1400 Euro

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You're right, it looks very good on the G36 but it's also a very simple 3-point sling compared to the high-quality slings (made by Giles, Eagle Industries, Blackhawk, Specter Gear etc.) arround. I purchased mine from a guy with... erm... "good connections" to the Bundeswehr entity ;)


These slings are hard to find separately, because every H&K gun is normally delivered with a fitting sling.

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