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Sorbothane Pads: For V2, V3 & V6/7 Gearboxes.

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Accessory/Make: ASR Sorbothane Pad

Condition: Brand New

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nope, nope & nope!

Price/Payment: Prices inc postage & paypal. 1 = £10, 2 = £18, 3 = £24.

Pictures: See description


Firstly, what is a "Sorbo Pad"? :D


Sorbo pads are a foam part that sticks to the back of the piston head. They soften the blow from the piston, which means less noise and less stress on the gearbox front. Especially useful if you have a V2 gearbox (M4, MP5 etc) which have the weak fronts. The V2/V3 ones can be stuck straight on. With the V6/V7 you'll need to use the piston head to punch a hole in the right place.


On the whole a sorbo pad will reduce the noise much more than a silencer! With the added benefit of less stress on gearbox.

What's the deal here then?


Some of the best quality pads are made by ARS in Japan. The come with an adhesive backing, so very easy to install. Unfortunately as with a lot of overseas bits, the postage is a killer!


What I'm doing here is a bulk buy, so we can split the postage. Buying one pad would work out at about £19 to the UK!! :eek: With the spilt postage, I can get them to your door for: £10 for one, £18 for two, £24 for 3, plus £7.50 for each subsequent one after.


The order will be going in by the 22nd Jan at latest. Maybe earlier if I decide, so get in quick. Hope to have these at YOUR door in 3 weeks or less.


Any questions please ask, and here are some pictures below :D



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Wouldn't the cushioning effect of the pad lessen the "impact" of the piston and potentially decrease performance? Albeit only verly slightly.....?


I might possibly be interested in a few of these, although I'm not keen on opening up my gearboxes at the best of times. Having said that, since all my AEGs seem to die periodically, it won't be too long before they have to be opened up anyway....

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Same ones as posted in the first place aka AirsoftResearchSyndicate. You can also check their website and you will find that AirsoftOnline.eu is their official retailer in the EU.




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