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Tokyo Auto Salon 2010

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Punky, you can't compare a car and a girl...

Yes I can.


punky? :huh: lolwut!?


i wouldnt really call any car hotter than her, and certainly not a *fruitcage* estate with a ghey front splitter and black alloys. i thought you had taste punky ;)

Are you crazy? Thats an awesome car. Any estate-shaped fast skyline has always been awesome, like the autech. Girls like her are a dime a dozen, maybe not even, she does have a wonky face. Cars like that on the other hand, are one in a million.


However if its Michelle Rodriguez who's up for comparision then I might conceed the point. Mmmmmmmm Michelle I want your babies.....


i guess the car excites him more.

SHE has problems with pronouns lol.

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I used a run of the mill Canon EOS 450D(USA calls it Rebel Xsi)


I mostly used the Canon 18-55mm Kit lens. Some of the close ups and model shots were with a Canon 50mm prime lens


The Prime lens stays at about 1.8 Av most of the time which I really needed in that lighting. Even though most of my subjects were still, I needed to get shots off fast before people walked by.


typically in that venue, here were the settings shutter speed 1/40~1/60 ISO 200~400 F-stop 1.8~2.4 all shot in "program' mode w/o flash and "faithful" color setting

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Are you crazy? Thats an awesome car. Any estate-shaped fast skyline has always been awesome, like the autech. Girls like her are a dime a dozen, maybe not even, she does have a wonky face. Cars like that on the other hand, are one in a million.


good thing too that its one in a million, i wouldnt like to see many more of them about :P

there is no estate car in the world (that i know of) that doesnt look *suitcase*, they are for 40 something year old men with a few kids, the idea is function over form. take the alfa 156 estate for example, in it's saloon form its a rather pretty car, turn it inot an estate and anything other than a head on view is horrible.

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That estate car looks like an old Datsun to me and asian chicks are too needy.





It is a old Datsun...


Like Punky said the car is like Autech GTR, which is a company that made the R34 GTR bits onto a Nissan Stagea wagon body, and give rise to the R34 GTR wagon....this is basically a retro version of that, turning the KPGC10 GTR(the original GTR) in wagon form...


the coupe:




Though to be honest I am not sure if its a new car made to look like old one or something else...

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Old J cars are awesome, same level as MK1 Golf's

Not quite.

1970s jap cars were seriously poorly made.

Jap's didn't understand what sort of steel was needed to survive European winters and the cars rotted away in minutes.

Also, they always felt that form was more important than function and, as a result, most of them had badly underpowered engines.


They hit on a couple of "classic" designs but for every 240Z there were thousands of total sh*tboxes on wheels.


I think thats a new car given a retro make over, you can tell by the shape of the wind screen...

That's what I figured it was.


It's not just a coincidence though, IMO.

There's a lot of styling cues taken straight from a 1970s Datsun so I assume it was built as some kind of tribute.

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stupid stereotypes, just like all british drink tea and all americans are obese etc.


although, to be honest i've never heard of Asians being fundamentally more needy.

Stupid assumptions with no factual basis.


I know a lot of guys who're married to asian women and they continually have to field phone-calls asking about, well, pretty-much everything.

Have your wages gone into the bank yet? What's that £500 withdrawal from the account? There's a tap leaking in the bathroom. have you called a plumber? There's a bulb blown in the living room. How do I fix it? have you applied for a new car tax disk? Did you pay the phone bill?


Obviously this is because I'm a westerner.

When asian chicks latch on to a westerner they are usually looking for security and support.

Asian chicks will take care of your every need but you damned-well better take care of them to.


Frankly, I want an equal partner in a relationship, not an employee.

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because its genetically impossible for any western woman to be stupidly needy, of course :rolleyes:


i have mates with brit GFs who are very similar to what you described. its hardly a trait unique to a certain area of the world ;)

I disagree.


I happen to be part of a community of people who spend a lot of their time working abroad.

It's a well-recognised fact amongst that community that asian WAGs are more whiney.

There's more chance of an asian wife phoning their man because there's a spider in the bath than there is of a british wife phoning because the house has burned down.


This is a kinda prickley subject but, hey, you asked.


Trouble is that asian women might well grow up all independant and savvy and tough but when they marry a western guy a lot of them seem to assume the guy is going to look after them.


I often wonder if the girl would be the same way if she married an asian guy instead but that's kinda pointless since I can only base my POV on being a western guy.

From that POV, asian girls are far too needy.

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just like all black guys eat only watermellons and KFC and all essex girls are mums by the age of 14.

i'm sorry stealth but i can't see your opinion as anything other than a stereotype based on a small minority.


several girls who went to my secondary school (in essex, bruv!) dropped out at about 15 because they got pregnant. its certainly reinforcing the essex girl stereotype, but at the end of the day a stereotype is all it is. there's not something in the water here that compels every girl to get knocked up at the age of 14, in the same way that asians arent genetically programmed to be needy.

personality is arguably one of the most variable factors anyway, everyone has a different personality.

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This is dangerous ground but you have to admit that most stereotypes are there for a reason.


Whether the reason for it is archaic and the people in question have moved on or the stereotype is based on propaganda and made up.


There is always a reason though.


Groups of people adopt behaviours just as they adopt gestures, facial expressions and accents.


Those behaviours give rise to stereotypes.


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Please yourself.


You should probably look into asian traditions a little more though.

Asian women are pretty-much trained from birth to be submissive/subservient to men.

It's just the way their societies are.


Now, fair play to any asian lass who does have the "balls" to stand on her own two feet but I'm sure that most would tell you that the vast majority of japanese/chinese/thai/malaysian/vietnamese girls expect to be submissive to a husband and they expect to be looked after.




Also, I gotta ask...


i'm sorry stealth but i can't see your opinion as anything other than a stereotype based on a small minority.


I've told you what my opinion is based on.


What's YOUR opinion based on?


How much experience do you have of asian girls?

How many people do you know who're married to asian girls?

How long have you spent living in asia?


Do you have any factual basis, however limited, for your own POV?

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Well as an asian guy, I can add to the whole submissive thing. I have found that it is usually the older generation as well as the "mainlanders" i.e not born abroad girls who exhibit this "submissiveness". However this can usally be contributed to confucian ideals.

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