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Tokyo Auto Salon 2010

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Well as an asian guy, I can add to the whole submissive thing. I have found that it is usually the older generation as well as the "mainlanders" i.e not born abroad girls who exhibit this "submissiveness". However this can usally be contributed to confucian ideals.

I gotta say, I hate dragging this off topic so much. :(


I don't want to make it sound like I think a lot of asians are either simpering women or chauvanistic men.

I know there's a lot of younger asian families who're buying into the whole "western" thing purely in order to avoid having daughters who're raised in a subservient way.


Bear in mind that this all stems from millenia of tradition that assumes women are "less useful" than men.

If a couple had a female daughter they knew that someday the daughter would be married and eventually clear off to live with her husband and then daughters parents would have nobody to look after then when they got older.

Point being that after 4000 years of tradition, you're not gonna get people to change their minds in five minutes.


I've spoken to several asian guys now living in Europe who admit that the main reason they moved their families over here was because they figure it's the best way to ensure their kids don't get exposed to what they see as "Japanese tradition" BS.

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