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TSI Armouries Tavor Review

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Whoa, I knew it was bad but it makes my first cheapsoft P90 look like a Swiss watch. You have to give TSI credit for giving out refunds; they had to know it was a POS before they shipped it, and probably didn't have the capital to go back to the drawing board and get it right. Since they basically destroyed their reputation I would have expected them to just fold and start over.


Are any of these actually being used for training somewhere?

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Considering its they where charging $550! Its worth nothing more than £45.00. The only good thing that came from it was that I got a nice Madbull Python 6.03 inner barrel which is now in my SCAR :D


Im sure you can see the hop unit, jesus that was terrible. Adjusting it did absolutley bugger all!!


Even though this was quite some time ago now I cannot fatham that TSI would actually release this into the public. Seriously did they not notice somthing was horrificly wrong when well they looked at it? I genuinly would like to speak to the people in charge of making it and find out with they F'd up so royaly.

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You have to give TSI credit for giving out refunds



i asked and i could not get a refund

after i heard i destroyed the gun (really destroyed it) i put it in the metal shedder a work (did keep the barrel and gearbox)



takes no m4 mag (mag.marui.CA.KA.g&p none work)

i have a bbgun from a carnival that shoots better no feed no hop up

big *albatross* gun crappy materials

gearbox broke in a other gun


its a piece of ****

if i ever met the guys at tsi there gonna get a well planned reply they wont like

do not ever buy a gun from them

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How do you build such a disgrace in the first place?

I mean, I saw their Galil up close, and it was a piece of art!

But this tavoer makes a crappy both elephant (sl9 any one?) shine as an outstanding gun.


Again really, what where they thinking?

"hey, we have build up quite a reputation with our Galil. What do we do now?"

"Oh I know, let's make the worst abomination ever! That way we have been on both sides of the scale"

"and we destroy our reputation!"

"Pure awesomeness!"


Something like that must have been going on.

May be it was indeed a challenge, but not the one we'd expect.


Ah well who knows, they might surprise us again.


in the meantime, off to Ares.

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