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appraisal for a couple of guns please


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Both are a few years old, and never been used much (impulse buys)


KJ m700:

upgraded with a prometheus tightbore, shoots at just under 2J (~450fps), some paint lost on the magazine, tiny bit of rust on the hop up adjustment knob and the sling studs, about 500 rounds put through it, nothing wrong with it whatsoever. Comes with a Tasco 3-9x50E scope (optional)

1x magazine



KWC sigma:

Few scratches along the top of the slide, on the edges due to the rail coming loose at one point, been through about 15 mags, no problems, comes with original carry case and tools (thing for unscrewing lid on magazine to reload CO2 cartridge, 2 allen keys for hop and for attaching the rail)


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