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Tokyo Marui G36K recoil shock

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Upon the time of writing this review, this gun is very difficult to obtain in the UK. I believe this one is the first one that was on sale in the United Kingdom. It was bought from none other than www.zerooneairsoft.com. If you would like to buy one of your own, please either call them or email them as the gun is not yet listed on the site or stock checker.


Features of the gun

-Features the new Tokyo Marui recoil shock set up

-Built in carry handle scope

-Takes regular AEG batteries

-Takes regular TM G36 magazines



First impressions

When I first ordered this gun, I thought the price was high, clocking in at £400 new. Although this was the price of the first "prototype sale" one, I thought that after the very impressive TM SOPMOD M4, this one should be worth the price. I imagine that it won't cost this much after a while, after they start being imported and sold.


So, I placed my order after selling my P90 and 1911. I also ordered it with upgrades so I wouldn't have to worry about paying postage to ever send it back again. As usual with Zero One, it was posted quickly by next day delivery. No problems at all.


So, this is how the gun looks when you first get it.






The box and packaging are fantastic. Straps and elastic to hold the gun and magazine in place with cardboard cuts to keep the BB's and manuals in place. The box is great and looks lovely, it's what you'd expect from Tokyo Marui. It comes with a magazine, some TM BB's and the usual TM manuals. Underneath the cardboard the gun sits on is an unjamming rod and an orange/red stopper cap to put on the end of the gun.







So, it's well packaged.


The gun itself is fantastic. It's very lightweight. It is made from the usual TM ABS plastics.


Even though it's plastic, it's robust with no creaks, great TM quality. It's also very light weight. With the magazine and battery in it and the stock folded, you can hold this thing outstretched with 1 arm easy.


The carry handle and built in scope are great. The eye relief is brilliant, it's very easy to see down. The crosshairs are great and even have mil-lines (instead of mil-dots), which can be handy for longer ranges. It's very easy to adjust with an Allen key by a small hole on the top and side for windage and elevation. It also has 3x magnification, so there's not a lot else you can ask for in this carry handle! To top it all off, it has a rail on top of the built in scope which you can attach a different sight to if you like.


At the front of the gun is also a small rail to attach anything you like. This can be moved further down the foregrip or onto the sides. It's also ready to take any other rails you would like to add to it.





As usual with G36's, it features a folding stock. This is also very robust and keeps locked in place whether it's in or out.





So overall it has everything you'd expect from a G36, made to top quality standards. It is approximately 285 FPS out of the box from Red Wolf's review (see video links below).


Overall quality: 10/10



Recoil shock? What's that? How does it work?

The recoil shock system is a genius mechanical set up designed by Tokyo Marui. It features weights in key places across various models of guns to imitate the shock of recoil. Although it goes without saying that the recoil of an airsoft gun can never compare to the recoil of a real firearm, it still feels great. It makes every other airsoft gun feel very static. The recoil shock system makes a gun far more fun to fire whilst also adding a slighter element of realism. You can't keep your crosshair perfectly in the same place on a target whether you try to or not.


To see how the recoil system works, please see these two videos:





I had my gun upgraded from the moment I received it, so I cannot comment on it's stock performance. However, firing at 350 FPS with a good tightbore barrel, I can confirm that the performance is great. The accuracy is pinpoint with a great distance. It is a fantastic performing gun.


To see the performance of mine, please see this video. You'll see just how good a gun this one really is:





Why should I buy this instead of the TM SOPMOD M4?

As an owner of a fully upgraded TM SOPMOD M4 (shown below) with upgrades very similar to my G36K, I imagine people will want to know why should they have this instead of the SOPMOD M4. The SOPMOD M4 is cheaper now, coming in at £400, same as the TM G36K. It is also full metal with a working bolt stop function. So, here are some reasons why these two are different and the better characteristics of each one:





*Quick change battery function

*Full metal construction

*More rails

*Working bolt stop function, stops firing when out of ammo until the bolt stop catch is pressed to allow the gun to fire again

*More cosmetically upgradeable

*Recoil shock system




*Gearbox is tougher to upgrade due to specific parts being needed

*Only takes TM SOPMOD M4 magazines unless you get a specific adaptor to take old magazines

*Batteries are specific to the TM SOPMOD M4 and are expensive

*More expensive to get to full potential




TM G36K recoil shock pros


*Takes standard mini AEG batteries

*Takes standard G36 magazines

*Folding stock

*Comes with great carry handle and carry handle scope

*Recoil shock system

*Cheaper to upgrade to full potential


TM G36K recoil shock cons

*Not as tough as the full metal TM SOPMOD M4

*Same price as the TM SOPMOD M4, making it the less favorable choice for the price

*Not as many cosmetic upgrades available

*No bolt stop function when the magazine is out of ammo




So overall, the choice is yours. The TM SOPMOD M4 is more robust and much tougher, with more functionality and cosmetic upgrade ability, whilst the G36K is lighter, more universal for magazines and batteries and cheaper to get to it's full potential.




Final verdict

Overall, the gun is great. The price is a bit much at the time of writing this review, but this should drop over time. It's one of Tokyo Marui's best guns. The recoil shock system is as good as the TM SOPMOD M4, so there is little difference in that aspect. The accuracy is great, the packaging is great, the gun is great and reliable.


Final rating: 9/10

Why not 10 out of 10?

I'm not rating it 10 out of 10 because it's expensive and it could've been constructed with better polymers closer to that of the real G36K.

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Haha :) Just ordered one? If so, where from? Only Zero One have them I believe and there was only one.


I was going to call Zero One on Monday, I may have to wait then :(


I've been after a G36K for ages, it looks like I've been scammed by some dude with a second hand sale for a CA G36K on the Zero One forums, so I think I'll only by new from now on and these new TM ones look great, especially usable optics!

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Good choice with it :)


Get a Prometheus 6.03 inner barrel, bearing spring guide and metal bearings and you're fully sorted. The distance shown on my video was about 25 meters. I've tried doubling that distance (see my TM Desert Eagle video, the metal one and look all the way down the drive to the first green tree) and shooting from there with it. It still hits those tins, hopping up ever so slightly. This thing is absolutely wicked.

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I wonder if the carry handle with optics will be available separately, would be awesome for people who already have a G36. As far as I know this is the first carry handle scope where the scope is actually useable!


Gun looks amazing mate, I have to say if I were to get a G36 now it would probably be this one!



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How's the compatibility between old TM G36 parts and this new system? I ask this because I'd like to buy a G36 real-shock, but I do remember that my old TM G36c's receiver was not of the highest quality. So, I was thinking of buying an aftermarket receiver (didn't Army Code make them?) to make up for the so-so plastics that TM uses. Also, I may want to upgrade the barrel and handguard to a full-size G36.

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I'm not sure. I imagine it's all compatible as not a lot is different.


Awesome review Billy, in regards to the price and with other guns in history, how much do you see the price dropping in say 6 months/12 months time?


Tempted to get this gun but wondering how much the price will drop and if its worth waiting, any ideas?

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