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Ok, this isn't my best work, but I wanted to give everyone a snapshot aboutr the ARES G36C I got this holiday season.


The only reason I bought it was because it was only $119.00 on Ehobby. Considering how I liked the asthetics of my STAR SL9, I figured the money would be worth it just for a good looking G36C shell.


ok, sssooo,....







Price- $120~$180


Real steel history- google it, but I'm pretty sure it went like this,,, Eugene Stoner, Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov and head Hk engineers were lured under false pretense to a single doored windowless room. Once inside, the door was locked for 45 minutes. When it was opened up again, the G36 was the only thing left inside. A gas piston operated locking lug assault rifle with Hk looks and functionality.


It came in an unassuming plain brown box with a single sticker indicating what was inside. It was packaged very close to how a STAR AEG is packaged... Go figure. Here she is , right out of the package(the trades were puttied up by ehobby, I removed it with a nylon dremel wheel)




Initial impressions...


The gun is pretty solid and the build material is much nicer than Marui or JG. A slight wobble is present in the handguard, but I am sure it can be shimmed out. The only included Items were a BB loading tool, a metal flashhider(there was an orange plastic one glued onto the gun which I removed with some vice grips) and an ARES catalog.



Pictures speak for themselves...








-The safety selector clicks pretty positively into place.

-The front sling mount and lower rail weren't finished off very well and could have used some nicer detailing such as numbered rails.


I had to buy the side rails(they are Guarder)




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The gun ran pretty well out of the box.


ROF using an 8.4v mini was 15 RPS ...



Velocity was ~300Fps



The range was good, but even with the hop up turned completely off, it still over hopped. Now this can be fixed by replacing the bucking or running some rounds through it to break in teh hop up bucking. The bucking was different from the STAR brand and resembled a guarder soft(clear) bucking.




Stock Magazine misfed constantly. The STAR magazines I used to have did the same thing. They double stack and jam near the opening of the magazine I was able to fix it. But I find that MAG brand magazines work best in this gun. KA fake bullet magazines didn't work period. This is because the hop unit is directly in the path of the bb feeding tube. Only magazines with half decent springs will push bb's past this obstacle. I tried putting a marui hop up in it but then it feeds so well it double feeds. Just use MAG brand magazines and call it a day.






Mostly STAR internals remained with a few changes...


3 push pins and bam! you get this...



you can release the spring tension by inserting a punch or small screw driver here...


You may also notice a bearing on the bevel gear only, the rest are 7mm bushings


You can remove the spring without opening the gearbox by using a hex wrench to remove the spring guide...



You can also change out the trigger switch without opening the gearbox...






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Cylinder is chromed out brass. This is a change from STAR cylinder which was painted black.




Trigger switch is M249 style...



Motor is pretty good, nothing special though. Trigger response is Meh ROF is MEH but reliability is very good...



Piston head is polycarb Marui style non ported...



Piston is Polycarb...



Tappet is marui style...



Nozzle is Marui style...



Cylinder head is polycarb...






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Gears are XYT style...



Just like the STAR I would say that these internals are good for at least 400fps without upgrading.


Thats it for internals


Final impressions....



- Cheap purchase price

- Nylon fibre externals that are pretty nice for the cost

- quick change gearbox features

- 3 pin takedown

- Trade marks and included black flash hider



- wobbly handguard

- terrible magazine and some mag compatibility issues

- some propietary parts

- finicky stock bucking

- strange hop up placement


For the money I think this would be a good addition for someone's collection with plenty of performance potential. It is a decent performer, but if it is performance you want, look at the KWA or Marui models instead.




BTW do I like the AFG on the G36? Yes! G13 seal of approval...




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Dr. PP, The only propietary parts are the selector plate, the spring guide and trigger switch. If you added a Marui shell, you could use Marui selector plates and spring guides etc etc



Punky, The G36 did not come with a grip. The strange looking grip is a Magpul AFG(Angled Fore Grip) which was designed to facilitate the famed "thumb over bore" style of weapon hold.

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Yea I know magpul, but usually just their magazine products. That AFG looks pretty good actually. Might give it a try.


Btw, I wonder if the ARES gas block is compatible with the TM and JG ones? They're ALL supposed to be interchangable(at least they look so) but when I recently swapped a JG block with a TM one, it took me a lot of dremelling some of the metal bits just to get it to fit.


Since gas blocks are one of the weak links on a G36, I'm looking at getting some spares(I own 2 G36s) and the only ones I see out there atm are the ARES ones.

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Oh wow, the AFG and the G36C look incredible together. Did not expect that at all. Just imagine throwing some Magpul G36 mags on there.


Nice review, though soon to be outdated. ARES has a new line of G36s coming out that's suppose to blow every existing G36 away.



That looks beautiful, especially the two-tones charging handle, adds a lot to the over-all look of the gun.



I'm a little worried about the blow-back system; I got the feeling that it will be mechanic (couldn't find a better word to describe it) and those tend to break. Anyway, if the price is good they might be a very interesting upgrading platform.


Back Ontopic: Nice review Golgo, it's a gun most of us have been looking at, tempted to give a try yet put off by the general opinion on the brand internal quality.


Actually it looks pretty good, with a few relatively cheap upgrades, it could coup up with the assault role (According to my national regulations: up to 400FPS) pretty well.  However, I'm a bit concerned about the hop-up. A while ago I was kind of interested on building a DMR with an Ares SL9 and, besides the changes on the GB, dropping a Pro-win blue chamber was on the top of my list: Have you tried fitting one of those?.



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stuck a Prowin in my Star UMP & went from 300 to 350 fps, so expect an fps increase + better fps consistacey.

One more thing you must remove the top frontmost screw from the gearbox to get the hopup lush with gearbox.

Aleast I did with UMP.

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So I threw that 5KU hop up in. It seems like a good unit. I had to remill it a bit to delete that portion of the hop unit that screws onto the mechbox. There is no solid way to get that to work so for get it.


here is the modified 5KU unit.



Here is the ARES and the 5KU side by side. Just by looking it seems that the 5KU wins over the ARES due to the funnel shaped feeding area.



A quick shot of the new ARES bucking.



Here is the 5KU with the required parts from the ARES unit.



Here is the 5KU in the gun.




How does it shoot? Pretty good, but the KA fake bullet maga zine still doesn't want to feed. =(

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