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Anyone from close action airsoft?

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jacksparrow79*com bought a fortress m40a3 stock off of me, then emailed me to say it had broke in transit, after parcelforce refused to pay out, i gave up, sent his money back with extra for postage and then requested he send the item back.


that was about 3 months ago, Ive repeatedly asked him to send said stock back as i intend to fix it etc.


i decided to do some goggling of his eBay name and have since found him active on close action forums, saying his armament is a bar 10 with m40a3 stock. So now im appealing to anyone out there, do you skirmish at close action, do you know him?


im sure hes just not bothered to send it and keeps putting it off, but now im worried hes said it broke and kept the money and the stock. i really just want to get this sorted.



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