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Andrew March


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Hasn't been online since last Weds (10th Feb).


Payment sent by me on 1st Feb, I was expecting the item to be posted the following day - no sign. After enquiring I was told that Paypal were slow clearing funds into the bank and it had gone through on the 5th of Feb and that the item would be posted the following Monday (8th Feb). As of today there is no sign of the items and no communications.


Anyone know what's become of him or how to get a hold?

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I've had a deal with Andrew before - he's a Good Guy!

If he has not been on line or not responded to PM or Email - there is probably a good reason.




Im 99% sure I have still got his mobile number somewhere - I will hunt it out and drop him a text and point him towards this. ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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