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First impressions of the KSC Sig Pro 2022

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Dammit, don't tempt me! I love SIG Pros, but I've been less than thrilled with my 2009 (which I knew was a mistake even when I bought it, but I couldn't resist).


For what it's worth, it looks like the frame is - like the 2009 - essentially 100% correct. The real ones also say "READ MANUAL BEFORE USE" so that's not a silly airsoft thing! The slide... well, it could use some work. The SD slides are expensive but I've got one on my USP Compact and it's a thing of beauty.

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don't forget that you can put RS SIG Pro grips on ( well you could with the SP2340/2009's)


you can?


Oh boy, that opened a can of worms right there.


You see that brass looking lever in the last pic?

That is the lever that locks/unlocks the firing pin.


You can dryfire and cannot exectute a shot without racking the slide. By moving the slide the pushes down that lever and the firing pin jumps out to the rear.

Great and neat safety feature.










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That seems to be the same kind of mechanism as my USP .45, or at least very similar in design; You can dry fire the double action all you like, and if the slide hasn't been cocked it won't fire a round.


My 2022 is sitting at home waiting for me to finish work as i type this... 5 hours to go and i'll get my thoughts up! I can't wait :D

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Could you take a pic of the nozzle area, at least the bottom side of the slide assembly? I have a friend with a S7 P226 whose nozzle split (yay tropical weather) and am having difficulty finding a spare one. If this new sig shares the same part, I'd have higher chances of seeing a replacement part.

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Turned out mine was down to a slight flaw in the inner barrel; Maybe there was a bad batch of barrels? I should have my brand new replacement 2022 tomorrow - The store owner has apparently tested it and had 3cm groups at 6 metres, so hopefully the new one will be better - I'll post the results up once i've got it.

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Sorry for the late update, but i've now had the replacement pistol about a month now, and taken it to 3 games. I've dialled in the hop perfectly for .3's, and it's lethally accurate to about 30 yards, with kills up to 40-50. There's the occasional flyer (about 1 in 15), but this is no major issue in my eyes. Overall, it's a very nice and accurate piece, and has always emptied the mag and locked back in ~5 degrees celcius weather, and i've had plenty of kills. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it :)



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Having recieved mine last week - a Taiwan version, System 7, metal slided as well - I can comment on it a bit:

- Excellent shooter, very, very accurate with even .25g despite people recommending the use of heavy BBs with these guns. I can attest that they do reach 30m range accurately with 0.32g and amazingly, not that slowly.

- Came a bit dry from the factory, it occasionally jammed half-way through the action, having the slide stuck in mid-cycle. A thorough cleaning and relubing did the trick, its cycling properly.

- The action can get a bit sluggish at lower temperatures (say, 10ºc, which is cold by my standards :P ) , but I'd expect no less from a metal-slided GBB. Sluggish, but still performs well and consistently locks on the last shot.

- Surprisingly, being a lefty I did not find the controls odd to use. Nothing I can't reach with my index or middle finger, I have medium/large sized hands (9-10 glove size). Love the controls and their simplicity. :)

- On the subject of ergonomics, despite being a double-stacker the design fits perfectly into my hands and I had a 1911 prior to this. Love the ergonomics on it, it's not overly complicated whilst sitting very, very nicely into my hands. Kudos to Sig for such an awesome design. It's also slighty shorter than a Glock 17 or a USP, but bigger than a Glock 19. Perfect size, if you'd ask me.

- The paint on the metal slide is surprisingly hard-wearing, it's not that flaky ###### you see on WE guns. The gun flew quite a few meters the other day against hard concrete and had only a slight mark on the rear of the slide and on its rear sight.


At the 140 euros I paid for it, I'd whole heartedly recommend it. Gorgeous gun and an excellent shooter after I did a proper lubing. Love it to bits. The only cons I can point out are the crappy lubing it came from factory and the fact that the sights are a *badgeress* to adjust - which I had to do with a hammer and spur after the gun decided to go Superman on me.


EDIT: The safety feature is common on KSC weapons -- the USP I bought back in 2006 or so already had it. You could cock the hammer without engaging the slide and dry fire it. I do NOT recommend doing it though, as it WILL cause needless wear on the hammer, which I learned forcefully as I nearly shattered a SOCOMGEAR's 1911 MEU's hammer to bits by dry-firing it at home.

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