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Knight's Armament Rifles/Other

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awesome thread ! :D

wasn't sure to post at first, but seeing how it seems to have survived in a slighty edited form... KAC FTW!! :gun2:


Here is mine, wich i build from the ground up.












it has

G&P Special forces RAS

G&P SR16 M4 body

G&P aimpoint replica

G&P OD tactical sling

CA Hi red dot mount

CA OD RIS panels

CA OD KAC vertical grip

CA OD stock

CA Vortex flashhider

G&G OTC QD silencer

G&G Tactical swing swivel

Star SR15 front flip up sight

TM rear flip up sight

TM pistolgrip

TM stock gearbox

TM peq2 box

Systema motor

De laserpointer with pressure pad


future plans:

G&P SPR charging handle

some sort of OD pistolgrip, either G&P SPR or King Arms G26type

G&P OD Crane stock

G&P short M203

gearbox upgrade

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G&P SR25


G&P M3 scope

Real harris bipod

KAC rail covers


still needs


Badger tactical latch

Butler Creek scope covers

Flip up sights (on the way)

Mk11 MOD 0 silencer

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absolutely fab


its sexier in real life too, and it weighs a tonne, unloaded without a mag it wieghs the same as an SA80 :blink:


the RAS is as solid as a rock and the scope is excellent


only complaints?


the hop is abit *beep* with my 400 spring

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Was it a limited production run? Because WGC are sold out and don't look to be getting any more in. Worth the cash would you say? And have you ever held the G&G for comparison?


Edit: Or was it this

G&P SR-25 Airsoft Gun ( CNC Body )
at $937 :wide-eyed: Edited by Guest
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Externally, pretty much a stock SR16. All kinds of upgrades done by The Q Project internally. Shoots a very consistent 385 fps with .25's. I'm using a Gonzo Batteries 8.4V 3200 MaH NiMH pack that shoots as fast as a 9.6 does. The sight and mount are Guarder, the rear sight is a cut down carry handle. Its been repainted since then, made darker for the South, but this is a favorite pic of mine.

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Havoc/Kipper - :o *dies*

Haji - Very nice, I'm loving the paintjob

Spartan490 - Now that is the G&G :P, same questions to you as I asked Kipper really. Performance? FPS? Quality? Recommended?


Oh and one more thing to Kipper (sorry about all the q's) what's the gearbox like? Because I've heard the G&P gearboxes are a bit crappy, am I wrong?


Edit: Actually, did you buy the gun assembled or did you get the conversion kit? (to Kipper)

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I dunno what the original gearbox is like


I bought it off a guy in HK and when it arrived it didnt have the G&P gearbox in it, anyway thats all be sorted and im buying one of those uprated G&G ones :)


And i bought the gun assembled

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I had my gun upgraded by the Q Project as soon as I got it, and I think the only thing stock is the gearbox. However my friend got his GR-25 a month ago and has had no problems at all. That's why i decided on this gun. I can tell you though that the externals are excellant and very sturdy. I have also noticed that it is much lighter than the G&P, which I like because I am always moving around a lot :D

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Kipper, where did you get the Knights traded rail covers?


nice gun, i was thinking of getting the SR25 body to, to make a SR25K but i decided against another sniper, i wanted a gun i could fight with,

no point in having two beastly sniperrifles and not using either :P

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no one makes imitation rail covers with knights trades, probably the real ones. If you like them check out Ebay. they are pretty cheap

ok, cool, thx i'll check it out ;)

Hope they have them in OD :P

edit just found some on ebay, 85$ for a set is abit steep for my liking

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