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Very Cool! I saw that over at SocalForums already :D


Question: is the URX really that golden?




You know, it is and it isn't. The anodizing always comes out with a "goldish" tint, but it really depends on the color temp reflecting off of it. It's fairly noticeable in the sunlight, but in lower light conditions its manageable. Painting anodized aluminum is pretty difficult, so I'm probably going to leave it til' it really bothers me.


Nice gun dude. Is that a G&P URX II? If so how is it? I might be using it to build a GBB SR-15


I love it, install is interesting. It helps to have a full shop to put it together in. Don't think I could have done it without a vice at the very least. Once its on, it's golden ;)

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You need to hold the receiver still while rotating the foregrip down with a rubber pipe wrap, or a very specific tool to fit inside the grip. The standard AR15 armorers wrench does NOT work on this foregrip. Either way, once you get the gas tube in it's not going anywhere. And no, the front sight does not lock in the up or down position.

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The G&P URX is easier to install if you have the proprietary tool for it, but its not needed. I've gotten my URX on and off dozens of times with out tools or at the most, just a pair of needlenose pliers. It can be a pain to figure out how to get it seated in the right way to ensure that its on at its tightest as well as being perfectly straight and in line with the upper. After I think the second time I perfected my method of installing it.


It's not that hard to put on and line up correctly, but taking it off can be a pain since when you install it, you're making it as tight as possible. That tightness means a great and solid URX, but a P.I.T.A. to take off the two locking screw things in the URX. Lemme tell you though, that thing is ROCK solid when its on. Oh and yeah the front sight doesn't have a locking mech, but it has a screw on the outside that allows you to adjust the tightness of it (meaning you can make it extremely hard to flip up and down all the way to just making it flop around).


Alston, if you were looking for a G&P URX i'm currently selling mine. If you're interested shoot me a PM.

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m110 is rock solid, externals are amazing, gearbox is smooth need to get out next weekend to check range accuracy, review will follow after masada and we scar reviews have been finish


you can still go full auto as the selector switch has a notch cut out to allow it to go past the block, personally i will be modifying the selector plate to restrict it to semi for when i go abroad and what to throw in a higher spring,


went with the ares as mid caps are know easily available and the quick change spring, have star/ares m4/m16 and love the externals, some better pictures know i have a little light


better pics of the markings








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You were careful not to mention the internals :P How are they? Are they reflective of the notorious ARES shoddiness? Is it proprietary?


It looks brilliant externally, but i wrote it off as soon as it came out because it was ARES and not 100% correct.. maybe that was a silly thing to do? That might be why we see none too, same with their SOPMOD M14's. They are rare, and look excellent but 'word' has it they're shocking;y bad inside :(


My VFC SR16E3 10.5'' is stuck in customs right now. I have 12 lovely P-Mags to photo it with too, oh you lot will love it.

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Bottlelot, looks fantastic. I'd hit the rail and barrel with some Coyote Alumahyde II, but other than that, it looks just right.


Have you used "Alumahyde"? I've got a real steel rifle I'm looking to trim out in CB, and after reading the product description this looks like the stuff. If it's as good as they are saying...

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You were careful not to mention the internals tongue.gif How are they? Are they reflective of the notorious ARES shoddiness? Is it proprietary?


not deliberate :) more i have not had it appart yet :), i don;t have a problem with ares internals other than there use of propriatory parts at times, althought this has improved and parts and even full replacement gearboxs are avalaible know without to much problem


star internals where bad in the beginning but they improved, the clear gearbox did them no favours, ares where the oem producer for star and went out on there own and there internals have improved even more, i have ares m4/16 / and a few of the g36 line father has ares l1a1 never had a problem really, im limited to 1j in Ireland do where not putting to much strain on internals but in terms of endurance they all stand up, will try and post more about the internals when i get a chance to crack her open to help you out


i always find internals funny, in Ireland CA is pritty much not sold due to there presived bad internals, but then again the same people that ridicule this brand will buy an aeg and strip out the gearbox as there first action, so does it matter that the stock piston is not the best in the past? where as in other country no one has a problem with CA as much


as humans where programmed to remember the bad and complain when things do not work, but very rearly do people stand up and say all is well, so by defult you get all the horrow storys on forms, even if those horror storys are disproportional


sorry for the little rant :) will post more info when she is opened :P

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My VFC SR-16E3 10.5'' has finally been released by HMRC, should get it on Friday. I have some stuff for it already, but I didn't have any luck getting a lead on an RS Aimpoint T-1, so I will settle with a replica for now. I am also wanting to source MIAD grip and ASAP sling mount, not sure where is best for all that, s'pose I will research and compare. Need it before 31st..

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